8 Reasons Why Every Aussie Music Lover Should Own ‘The Hottest 100: Volume 25’

The annual triple j Hottest 100 is one of the biggest events on the Aussie music calendar. It’s no secret that the humble countdown has become more than just a music program, but a symbol of our entire identity as a nation.

Year after year, it triggers meticulous mathematical predictions, fierce cultural debates and countless themed BBQs nationwide. And this year was arguably its most monumental yet.

As per tradition, a few weeks after JJJ fires off its list of 2017’s most-frothed tunes, a selection of those tunes are bundled into an epic compilation CD for punters to take home, and this year is no exception.

Triple j‘s 43-track-stacked Hottest 100: Volume 25 is available to snap up on CD and via the Apple Store right-the-fark-now and here’s 8 excellent reasons why every Aussie music lover should want to own it for themselves.

1. To commemorate the year that the J’s ‘changed the date’

Whether you were for or against the station shifting its Hottest 100 away from the politically-charged date of January 26th, you can’t deny this year was a landmark one for the countdown. The Hottest 100 of 2017 will forever be remembered as “the one where triple J boldly changed the date away from Australia Day/Invasion Day” (especially if we’re speaking in the style of Friends episode titles here) which undeniably makes it a year worth remembering.

2. To celebrate the first year that a person of colour took out the countdown

ICYMI: the Hottest hundo of 2017 was also memorable for another reason: Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar claiming the #1 spot with ‘HUMBLE’.

Despite some controversy surrounding his DAMN. banger topping the poll, Kendrick still made history, becoming the first person of colour to ever do so in the Hottest 100’s 25-year history.

Following ‘HUMBLE’s victory, JJJ Music Director Nick Findlay dubbed the hip-hop hit a “modern-day masterpiece”, adding that it “shows just how powerful and important Kendrick Lamar is as a songwriter of our generation”.

Reflecting its pole position in the countdown, ‘HUMBLE’ can be found at track #1 on The Hottest 100: Volume 25

3. So much awesome homegrown music

This year’s Hottest 100 was also an epic celebration of Aussie talent, with about 2/3rds of the choonage in the big list being sprouted in our own backyard. And the CD compilation is jam-packed with an even fatter portion of Aussie-grown anthems, 30/43 to be exact (that’s around 70%, for those of you devoid of a calculator).

From Gang Of Youths’ ‘Let Me Down Easy’ to Amy Shark’s ‘Weekends’ to Pnau’s ‘Go Bang’, Angus & Julia Stone’s ‘Chateau’, Dune Rats’ ‘Six Pack’, Holy Holy’s ‘True Lovers’ and stacks more,  you won’t find a more diverse and bangin’ cross-section of modern Aussie fire any-damn-where.

4. Girls to the front

This year’s Hottest 100 also showcased an incredible spread of female talent with almost half of the countdown (49%) comprised of acts with at least one non-male member, and the Hottest 100: Volume 25 is no different. From solo artists like Lorde, Alex Lahey, Meg Mac, Alex The Astronaut, Tash Sultana and Vera Blue to groups like Camp Cope, Ball Park Music and Haim, the compilation disc is packed front-to-back with the fiercest of female-infused dynamite.

5. To soundtrack all your backyard barbies for the next 12 months

Until the Hottest 100 of 2018 rolls around next year, of course.

6. To stick it to that jerk, Cory Bernardi

The Australian Conservatives party leader was quite upset with triple j for daring to shift the date of the Hottest 100 date away from January 26th, and set up his very own alternative ‘Australian Conservatives 100’ in protest.

However, it — uh — didn’t go down so well, with more than just a few of the Aussie artists on his countdown telling him where to stick it.

Jebediah’s Bob Evans said it “reek[ed] of arrogance, political insensitivity and idiocy”, Spiderbait called it an “outrage” and Savage Garden’s Darren Hayes dubbed it a “stunt”, adding “I do not want to be associated with you, your party or your views”.

Urthboy also ripped into the far-right spruiker, saying “Your whole gimmick is hate. Your career is based on hate. You’re nothing without it. Just walk away”, while Hilltop Hoods stated simply, “go fuck yourself, Cory Bernardi”.

And now you, too, can stick it to the Conservatives scoundrel by supporting the actual triple J Hottest 100.

7. So you can keep a musical memento of 2017 to revisit when you, too, become old like Cory Bernardi

Owning the Hottest 100:Volume 25 is not only a surefire way to eternally remember the year that was 2017 through the songs that soundtracked it, the collection will also give you something warm and familiar to fall back on when the youth of the future vote new music into the Hottest 100 that seems strange and scary to you.

8. Because the CD version also comes with this nifty free bottle-opener/keyring

We mean, C’mon.

What more could you possibly want?

Triple J’s ‘Hottest 100: Volume 25’ is available on CD and via the Apple Store now.

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