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Siobhan Cotchin on Six Songs That Inspired Her Single ‘Growing Pains’

Siobhan Cotchin is an alt-country singer-songwriter with a thing for indie-, grunge- and pop-rock. Cotchin brings these influences to bear on her latest single, ‘Growing Pains’, which came out in early June, 2022.

The 21-year-old Cotchin recorded the track at Perth’s Tone City Recordings with producer Sam Ford (Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, POND, Abbe May). She describes it as a “super personal song” that reflects the “realities of growing up.”

Siobhan Cotchin – ‘Growing Pains’

Here, Cotchin expresses her admiration for six songs that inspired ‘Growing Pains’.

Hole – ‘Celebrity Skin’

I love this song so much. Hole is one of my favourite bands. The thing about this song that inspired me was how it sounds produced and perfected in a way that doesn’t take anything away from the rawness and attitude. It’s a killer track and the energy is infectious.

Noah Dillon – ‘Sunburnt in July’

I adore everything Noah does. I am obsessed with the production on this song and just how everything sounds. It’s got so much light and shade that make the choruses really shine and hit hard. Noah is an exceptional songwriter and I am constantly in awe of everything he does.

HAIM – ‘The Steps’

I was listening to a lot of HAIM around the time of recording this track, and this song is a standout for me. Kav Temperley actually told me to listen to the record this song is off (Women in Music Pt. III) and I have been obsessed ever since.

I love the sound of the vocals and the acoustic guitar. I feel like there isn’t enough acoustic guitar in songs anymore. It just adds another percussive and melodic element. I love the lyrics of this song too. It’s so powerful and makes me feel badarse.

Big Thief – ‘Masterpiece’

This Big Thief song is insane. I adore the way it sounds so effortless, but still powerful. It’s got a bit of twang, which is awesome because I think that country rock vibe will always be a part of my music.

Sheryl Crow – ‘If It Makes You Happy’

This song is an absolute classic. Once again, it has that country twang which is a huge part of my sound, but it doesn’t take away the song’s power and heaviness. Sheryl Crow has been a huge inspiration for me whilst in the studio recently and I want to capture that rawness and badarseness that she shows, especially on this track.

Soccer Mommy – ‘Circle the Drain’

I love Soccer Mommy’s music and its nostalgic feel. I really wanted to capture that 90s rock feel on ‘Growing Pains’ and I think Soccer Mommy does that exceptionally. I love the lyrics of this song. It’s so relatable and I just feel it every time I listen to it.

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