This Is Happening: Beyond Monday, Beyond the Decks

I imagine that not everyone out there enjoys seeing a good DJ set as much as I do, visually stimulating or not. At the end of the day, it just isn’t for everyone.  For many people, live music is about the action on stage, seeing someone play music and not just stand at a laptop pushing buttons.  But then there are some who say you can do both.

Enter The Glitch Mob.

The L.A. based trio behind the collection of laptops and MIDI controllers, pushing buttons to push beats prefer to take their unique brand of electronic music to the stage rather than to the decks.

Further more, their light and projection show can illuminate the stage, even during an afternoon set (as seen in footage from their set at Coachella 2010).

Their music video for the single, Beyond Monday, uses projection mapping on the band and their tables to create a new sense of depth and imagination on stage.  I’m fairly new to these guys but I can tell you right now, I regret missing their set at Parklife 2010.

Here is why.

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