Big Scary’s Jo Syme & Cub Sport’s Zoe Davis Chat What’s In Store For Their Upcoming Tour Together

Aussie music darlings Big Scary are set to head out on a national tour next month off the back of their impressive third album Animal and equally loved Brisbane four-piece Cub Sport are going along for the ride too.

The Scaries and Cubbies will be hitting up some familiar venues for a slew of intimate shows in capital cities around the country and both bands are pretty stoked about it. How do we know that you ask? Well, even though they’re on opposite sides of the world, Big Scary’s own Jo Syme and Cub Sport’s Zoe Davis have been chatting away about their tour plans and they’ve kindly given Music Feeds a little glimpse into their convo.

Here we let Jo and Zoe take the interview reigns and quiz each other about what lies ahead in Big Scary and Cub Sport land, and everything they’re planning for the upcoming tour.

Feature picture courtesy of Photoshop master Zoe Davis



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Big Scary kick off their national headline tour, supported by Cub Sport and CC:Disco!, this June. See dates and details, here.

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