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Alice Skye Delivers Stunning Take On Cub Sport’s ‘Come On Mess Me Up’ For Triple J Like A Version

Like A Versions have been on a roll as of late — and Alice Skye taking on Cub Sport this week is no different.

It’s been iconic cover after iconic cover and this week, we’ve received this stunning take on a Cubbies classic, ‘Come On Mess Me Up’.

Taking the song from 2016 album This Is Our Vice, Alice Skye manages to put this new, emotional spin on the performance. It’s a stunning take on the song.

“These lyrics are so devastating and beautiful,” says Skye on the cover in her Behind the Like A Version interview.

“I feel like it just tells a story. ‘Fell in love with avoiding problems, that was the problem’, I feel like so many people can relate to that. I can for sure.”

Skye is joined by a few friends in the studio, including Ziggy Ramo on guitar.

His take on Paul Kelly’s ‘From Little Things Big Things Grow’ dropped this morning.

We received a performance of an Alice Skye original too. The ‘Party Tricks’ rendition is so beautiful.

Listen to Alice Skye’s take on ‘Come On Mess Me Up’ and her original, ‘Party Tricks’ below, along with her Behind the Like A Version interview.

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