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Bino Blip on the Artists and Films That Inspired His Violent New Video ‘DO1’

Sydney artist Jakob Keysell regards Bino Blip as a fictional character, someone through whom to channel psychological chaos and a melting pot of musical styles. Keysell’s debut single under the Bino Blip name was ‘SCRAM’, which came out in December 2022. Like ‘SCRAM’, Bino Blip’s latest single ‘DO1’ comes with a music video from directors Sam Stevenson and Harrison Friend, aka Kids of Bill.

The video is a violent affair that was inspired by Andrew Dominik’s Chopper, left-field horror movies and Tyler, the Creator and Slowthai music videos. Here, Bino Blip and Kids of Bill share details of their collaboration and their artistic influences.

Bino Blip – ‘DO1’

Bino Blip on the music that influenced ‘DO1’

“‘DO1’ is the sequel or B-side to my first single, ‘SCRAM’. Sonically speaking, ‘DO1’ is a clusterfuck of noise. It’s heavily inspired by UK punk and garage. At the time, I was listening to a lot of Sleaford Mods, Slowthai, Viagra Boys, Mura Masa and Amyl and the Sniffers.

“I just wanted to make something that felt angry and guttural. What I listen to and write about changes frequently, probably thanks to my ADHD, so I guess this is my punk era.”

Bino Blip on the significance of visuals

“I like it when artists build out a world with their visuals. Music for me is one of the most intense forms of escapism and I value artists who facilitate getting lost in their creation. Whenever I write something, there’s always a strong visual component to the process. The concept for the visuals for ‘DO1’ was there from the beginning.”

Bino Blip on connecting with Kids of Bill

“I met Harrison and Sam from Kids of Bill and they were somehow keen to collaborate even after the ear-battering I gave them. Then, with the help of some ridiculously talented and dedicated creatives, they helped me bring it to life.”

Bino Blip’s inspirations for the ‘DO1’ video

“Many visual references were thrown around, including music videos by Tyler, the Creator and Slowthai, and films like Bronson, Chopper, and a bunch of super left-field horror references, usually offered up by Harrison.”

Kids of Bill on working with Bino Blip

“Bino came to us, never having met one another, with the idea of a perspective on toxic masculinity that immediately clicked with ours. A kind of rugged interpretation lensed through young, blue-collar criminals, sort of animalistic in their expression of violence, money and status.

“And then there was the idea of the Bino Blip character – just a dude who gets endlessly pounded on for being the opposite. We all thought that was funny and ironic in a simple way.”

Kids of Bill’s inspirations for the ‘DO1’ video

“One of our all time favourite movies is Chopper (Andrew Dominik, 2000). The way the film frames masculinity using a blend of dark comedy and crime was just what we were aiming for with our careers as filmmakers. So, when the opportunity [to include similar themes] presented itself, we jumped.

“The ‘DO1’ video was made on a shoestring budget with a lot of love from a super team and an extremely game effort from Bino. He’s the weirdest guy we’ve worked with for sure, down for absolutely anything. It’s cliche to say he works against the status quo, but that’s true to our experience. Just a truly weird guy and we love him.”

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