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“Being Sexy is Not Shameful” – Lauren. Names Her Favourite Music Videos Of All Time

Lauren. released her latest single, ‘ATM’, on Friday, 23rd September. The song comes with a typically sex-positive video, directed and edited by @laura.lo.res_.

The single and video represent the Australian rapper’s commitment to expressing their feminine side in a way that’s strong and powerful. “A big motivation behind my tracks is to make women feel unapologetic about their sexuality,” Lauren. said in a statement. “The energy is inspiring and motivating when women come together and support each other.”

Lauren. – ‘ATM’ (Official Music Video)

To celebrate the release of the ‘ATM’ music video, Lauren. speaks about her favourite music videos of all time, including tracks by Lana Del Rey, Bbymutha and more.

Lana Del Rey – ‘Ride’ (2012)

Lauren.: I’m a pisces, so naturally I’ve always been a hopeless romantic and loved Lana since Born to Die. I specifically loved and continue to love ‘Ride,’ as not only are the aesthetics and landscapes in this clip phenomenally beautiful, but it is also showing representations of not your usual love. I truly believe we find love in all sorts of places and all sorts of forms and this video reminds me of that.

BigKlit – ‘Psychosis’ (2020)

Lauren.: This short film is chaotic, raw and relatable. I always appreciate BigKlit for pushing the censorship, especially when it comes to sexuality and mental health. This video is a work of art and gives me so many different emotions every time I watch it.

Bbymutha – ‘DOTD’ (2018)

Lauren.: Bbymutha can do no wrong and has continued to inspire and uplift me. This song always gets my energy in check and the video is simplistic and detailed at the same time. The colours, the outfits, the power, the sexy witch vibe – I love her always.

Kojey Radical – ‘Water’ (2018)

Lauren.: This video is an emotional, cinematic, impactful art piece. I will never be able to put myself in the shoes of what POC experienced over generations, but I definitely stand by and am passionate about rectifying the pain and damage people of my kind have done to POC’s history. This video always makes me reflect on that and reminds me that I need to support and stand by this fight wherever I can.

Gunna – ‘On Camera’ (2020)

Lauren.: I love when artists push censorship and also show women owning their sexual power. I was never sure if it’s real SWs used in this video, but I am forever in awe of the women in it. Women being sexual over time has been mutilated, dictated, censored and forced to be delivered in a way that is appealing in the media without being too shocking.

But sex is natural; being sexy is not shameful. Women can initiate and hold the power of being sexual without being shamed and I think this video is such a raw, smart and horny way of showing that to mainstream media.

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