Bombay Bicycle Club: “We’d Like To Come Back In Your Winter”

There are bands that have one song which launches them to international fame. Then there are bands whose dedication, consistency and innovation grow their fan base with every record and every show, gradually taking them to exactly where they want to be. One act that lands firmly in the latter category is British indie rockers Bombay Bicycle Club.

For Ed Nash, where they want to be is out on tour, and the bass guitarist is looking to return to Australia for the second time this year, after spending the Christmas and New Year period with family in Sydney.

But this time he wants his band mates in tow to hopefully play some festivals and gigs. “We’d like to come back in your winter and our summer, I know you guys have a lot of great festivals that we’d love to play,” he said.

He’s looking forward to returning with Bombay Bicycle Club’s fourth album So Long, See You Tomorrow, which is released here on 7th February.

Ed told Music Feeds that Australia is one of his favourite places to tour, having previously performed at the likes of Falls and Southbound festivals. Nash rated Falls one of the best festival experiences he’s had as a performer.

“Falls stood out even compared to UK festivals. Marion Bay and Lorne just blew my mind that you’d have a festival somewhere so picturesque and beautiful.”

After the band spent a week on holiday in Byron Bay after their last tour here, Nash says coastal city is a place he’d love to see included on their Australian tour.

“Last January after the tour we stopped off in Byron Bay. It was one of the funnest weeks of my life. I’d love to play a gig there,” he said.

Nash said the new album, which features latest single Luna, is the culmination of approximately 18 months of work by the award-winning band and he is looking forward to getting out and playing the new material for the fans.

“We’ve been working on it for almost a year and a half and it’s now been finished for a while. The best thing is that it will allow us to get out and tour, which is really the reason you play in band,” he said.

One of the major factors in the North England band’s continued success is their ability and willingness to push boundaries and play with different genres, but Nash was to quick to point out that the band never strays to far from what’s brought them their success.

“The sound on the new album is a progression from songs like Shuffle and Lights Out that we did on the previous record but our sound, I’d say, is always consistent, so people always recognise our songs as Bombay Bicycle Club.”

“I don’t think we’d still be making music if we didn’t progress and change, it’d be incredibly boring to just keep making the same record.”

One thing’s for certain — Bombay Bicycle Club will be touring Australia sooner rather than later.

‘So Long, See You Tomorrow’ is released 7th February. Check out new single ‘Luna’ below.

Watch: Bombay Bicycle Club – Luna

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