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Image for Carmouflage Rose Takes Us Track-By-Track Through His Debut EP, ‘TASTE’

Carmouflage Rose Takes Us Track-By-Track Through His Debut EP, ‘TASTE’

Written by Carmouflage Rose on October 16, 2018

It’s an exciting time for Brisbane-based artist Carmouflage Rose, who’s just unveiled his debut EP, TASTE, off the back of international acclaim for his breakout singles ‘Late Night’ and ‘Let Me Down Feat. George Maple’.

To celebrate the arrival of his first-ever musical collection, Carmo will also be hitting the road on his TASTE national tour, which kicks off later this month at Cairns festival The Grass Is Greener.

And to get ourselves good and prepped, we’ve enlisted the man himself to give us a track-by-track rundown of his debut disc.

TASTE is a glimpse into my world, it’s a journey of my emotions from track one to the end,” says Carmouflage Rose.

“I wrote a lot of songs for this project but carefully selected the songs that felt more real and original… I also wanted to update the Aussie hip hop scene with some new global vibes and energy and to show the world that I am just getting started. I just wanna take the world into the future with this project.”

Let Carmouflage Rose guide you through TASTE, track-by-track, below.

1. Late Nights

‘Late Nights’ is a song about after you have spent the week working, and you’re finally free on the weekend to hang out with your friends. You don’t have to worry about any bills or life problems, just have fun and live in the moment surrounding yourself with the people you love. This was the first song I dropped 15 months ago and it helped open the doors to so many opportunities for me.

2. Taste

If you could have everything, a TASTE of it all… what would you do to achieve your ultimate desires? I wrote this song about someone that wants a limitless life and what they need to do to get there.

3. Wildflowers

I wrote this one about my desire for an untamed relationship where both people can be themselves and grow like wildflowers. I can do my shit, and my other half can do their’s, but together we can continue to grow.

4. Let Me Down

Love has a funny way of letting people down, no matter what sort of relationship – lovers, friends, family, work colleagues. I wanted to express my thoughts on this and had the song pretty much finished when George Maple hit my DMs keen to collaborate on a track. After sending over what collaborator James [Angus] and I had done to her in LA, she sent it back days later with her verse and it was so dope we locked it down instantly.

5. No Love

I wrote ‘No Love’ about the stigma and shaming surrounding women sleeping with multiple partners, which isn’t the same for men… an unacceptable double standard. I chose this topic in the hope that the world can change their perceptions about it and not judge others for their personal choices.

6. Dennis Rodman

People don’t get to see what happens behind the scenes and they’re quick to judge. I want this to be the theme song that celebrates people who are doing the most to further their own careers and lives. Everything that Dennis Rodman has done and is yet to do shows that he doesn’t care what people think — from his style, to his NBA career and even the people he is friends with — which is a mindset that I also want to embody.

Carmouflage Rose’s debut EP ‘TASTE’ is out now. Grab it here.

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