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In the country touring their first EP Sinking as we speak, Pennsylvanian punk-rockers Daylight dropped in to the Music Feeds offices to tell us a bit about the band, their origins and the potential to create enemies in the music industry.

Music Feeds: First things first. How long have you guys been together? How did it all start? When did you really get a feel for the band and begin to realize that the lineup was solid?

John: A shade under 2 years now. Started with Taylor and I wanting to play together basically. We recruited Joe on bass and that really helped shape our sound. After several guitarists we landed on Jake and realized that this was the lineup.

MF: So you guys are all from Pennsylvania right? What was the music scene like where you grew up? Were there many chances for up and coming bands to strut their stuff?

John: The doylestown scene has been so different throughout the years. From no venues and wild house shows to constant venues with large touring acts all the time. Its always been supportive of the locals, especially when they have promise.

MF: Now I was reading that you’ve all been playing in bands for years. What sort of music were you playing? Do you think that any of it has helped to shape Daylight’s sound?

John: I played in a metal/hardcore band 6-7 years ago, and since 2003 I’ve been playing in a heavy hardcore band. I don’t think its had too much influence on the sound of Daylight at all.

Taylor: I’ve played a bunch of punk and hardcore bands since I was about 15 and none of them really influenced how Daylight sounds.

MF: Are you guys signed to a major label at the moment? What or who made it possible for you to start touring internationally, so relatively early in the band’s career?

John: We aren’t really signed to any label. My good friend and I decided to start a label and we made the Daylight release our first one. As for touring internationally our friend Julian wanted to bring us so he set up the tour, taking a huge chance on us. We funded the tour ourselves though.

MF: Is it weird to be doing an international tour on the back of your first EP release? Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s incredible, but have you found that there’s a big audience for the band in Australia?

John: For me it’s not. With my other band we’ve been doing “ridiculous” and “crazy” shit like that our entire existence, so to do it with my other band is kinda just normal. As far as our audience, we’ve been getting a decent amount of feedback, so it should be a good time.

MF: What is it about Daylight that is unique? What separates you guys from the rest of the alternative nation out there?

Taylor: To be honest, we aren’t a terribly original band. But as a band/people we are very honest. Simply put, we don’t give a fuck about anything. We say whatever we want to whoever we want and we have never put up a front or compromised anything for the sake of getting ahead. I’d rather do something I hate and play awesome music that I want to play, than take an easy route and tell people what they want to hear so it’s easier to get ahead. Fuck bands like that. This band is guaranteed to make a lot of enemies with the attitude we have towards a lot of other people/bands, and I could not care less.

MF: With such heavy lyrical content, does that ever get taxing on the psyche? How do you guys wind down after a show or a recording session? Do you need to?

John: I only need to catch my breath, that’s it.

Taylor: I am only singing about things that have happened in my life/the way I feel. Anytime we play or record, I feel those things 100%. It doesn’t really wear me out, but sometimes it puts me in a weird mood, I guess.

MF: The term ’emo’ has become a bit of a bad word in musical circles as of late (well, with the critics and journalists at least). Why do you think that is?

John: I just want to say today’s “emo” is bullshit.

Taylor: The thing is, pretty much anything being called “emo” these days isn’t emo at all. When I hear the term “emo,” bands like Sunny Day Real Estate come to mind.

MF: Give us a bit of a plug for the live show. What can punters expect? Any wild surprises on stage? Interpretive dance maybe? =)

John: I think its safe to say we all get really into it and it shows. Expect power and maybe some awkwardness.

Taylor: I don’t know, hopefully it’s cool. We all get into it and emotions are evoked.

MF: And of course, the big one… Where do you go next? Touring or writing and recording? Any plans for an album in the near future?

John: We’ve already begun the writing process and have a handful of songs ready. We are trying to tour and get that released. It shouldn’t be long

Taylor: Yeah. A new record soon.

Daylight are touring nationally now. For more info, and to find the new EP Sinking, head over to their myspace page.

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