Dazzle Me This #10 – Zoey Van Goey & Parklife

So, it’s no secret I’m a fan of the Scots, I do believe I have mini-mixed about the musical prowess of these fine folk in an a prior dazzling piece of writing even. Anyway, I have a new wee obsession in the form of Glaswegian band Zoey Van Goey.

They’re a cute as pie three-piece and their new album, The Cage Was Unlocked All Along, is a lilting, melodic, percussive, folky affair, and full of lyrics that make me want to meet these people and make them my new best friends.

Everything about these guys is sucking me in, from the adorable cartoon like album artwork with a flame-haired lass and hunched-up, bearded lad hovering over the ocean in a flying bathtub, to song titles like The Best Treasure Stays Buried and Sweethearts In Disguise.

And the songs themselves. They’re equal parts shoe-gazingly downtempo and fuzzily uplifting and I almost wish I was studying these lyrics in high school English to make some sort of sense of their wry, witty and cryptic verse. But then again, I love that every time I listen to a song I’m convinced they’re singing about something else entirely to what I was thinking before.

The two aforementioned tracks are my favourite picks of the ten they’re offering up on The Cage Was Unlocked All Along. Kim Moore’s voice is lovely. You can tell she’s British right away, but not in a Lily Allen/Kate Nash taking the piss way. It’s light and lovely and she breezily floats out lyrics on top of anthemic and beguiling melodies, backed up by her band buddies Matt Brennan and Michael John McCarthy. I hope all three of them jump in that flying bathtub, destination Australia, sometime really soon,

Mini-mix this week is my ode to Parklife 2009, which I was a punter at over the long weekend. I was a Parklife virgin prior to Sunday, and now I kind of know why. I’m not super comfortable in crowds at the best of times, and throw in a bunch of face munching kidlets thrashing around me for approximately 7 hours and you do not have my ideal festival situation. This year, the music on offer was my draw card, and the following three are my hit picks from what was truly a wonderfully excellent day, from which I emerged almost completely unscathed. Over and out party people, might even see you back there in 2010. x

Collect Call – Metric

I think I might love Canadians and Scots in equal amounts, and Emily Haines is one power pocket of awesome energy and her and her band exploded on the Fire Stage on Sunday. Too good.

[youtube aFRWk2mldrg]

I’m Not Your Toy – La Roux

Confession: I was most excited about seeing La Roux out of everyone at Parklife. Fact: She swapped with A-Trak for reasons unknown but can possibly be guessed. Devastation: The way I felt when I realised I wouldn’t be seeing Elly Jackson as my ears, and those of my party people belonged to The Rapture, whom she would now be competing against. Risk: Venturing out in the sea of face-munchers all on my lonesome. Result: No red-headed one for Katie Dazzle. She can still have a look-in though.

[youtube y7IGE58IPgo]

Pieces Of The People We Love – The Rapture

It’s no secret that the mass of enamoured people bumping and grinding at Fire Stage for its headline act The Rapture were hanging out for No Sex For Ben, myself included. But this song was freaking rad and happened well before my tired little feet had met their match making the closing above-mentioned song one you just wanted to be over and done with. No Sex For Ben indeed. Virgin no more, Parklife 09 was one mighty fine musical adventure.

[youtube tSmy0JDlM_8]

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