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Denzel Curry & Slowthai Share Studio Version Of ‘Psycho’ After Playing It For Months On The Festival Circuit

For a few months now, both Denzel Curry and slowthai have been jumping on each other’s festival sets for a highly frenetic single called ‘Psycho’. The only recordings of it available online are a few shoddy phone videos like the one below:

The time for checking out the track via second-hand Youtube videos is over, because today, they’ve officially dropped the studio version of it and bloody hell does it live up to the hype.

It’s an apt collaboration, with both rappers being two of the most in-your-face artists in the game right now, and the energy they’ve both brought to the track is aggressively unmatched.

Producer Kwes Darko goes in on the ‘Psycho’ theme, piling the production with high-pitched horror film strings that set the bar really high on the energy front.

Both artists are off the back of some pretty major full length’s with Denzel Curry’s, ZUU dropping in June and slowthai’s critically acclaimed debut, Nothing Great About Britain coming out in May.

Both Denzel Curry & slowthai are on this year’s Listen Out lineup, set to be kicking off later this month, so you can probably bet that this one will get some play at the festival.

Listen to ‘Psycho’ in all of its frenzied, chaotic glory in full below.

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