Disco Club – The Devil’s Balls On Your Shoulder

Formed early last year after members Balls Deep and SunSun were inspired by Black Devil’s seminal itallo disco album of the same name, Disco Club, a Sydney beats and dance duo, have been slowly gathering strength in the subterranean stronghold, building beats and collecting instruments to ready their assault on your senses.

Recently completing their remix of Bridezilla track Western Front, the duo are playing Mum at World Bar this Friday the 25th of February, so we caught up with Balls Deep for a quick chin wag.

Music Feeds: So you guys just recently finished a remix of Bridezilla’s Western Front, can you tell us about it?

Balls Deep: We had the stems for months but every time I put a roast on, sat down and tried to get balls deep in one idea I scrapped it, it only came in it’s own mouth when we got the MPC. Initially I wanted to call it Disco Club’s ‘Better Late Than Never Remix’.

MF: So far all you have up are remixes, when are we going to see some more originals up?

BD: Well I count the Bridezilla remix to be the only song we have “up” so i guess you are still right. But to answer your question, how about when the world be fucking ready or tomorrow? shit.

MF: I heard you guys have just got some new gear can you tell us about that? Has it affected the live show?

BD: SunSun went downtown and did some pretty questionable shit to get his oven mitts on an MPC. That shit, as well as some bitch-ass lights will make our next show something stupid like the devil’s balls resting on your shoulder, rubbing the shit out of that three day growth.

MF: How does the songwriting in the band work? I know you both have other projects your always working on how does that affect Disco Club?

BD: Well we were ROOMIES but SunSun moved out recently, so I’ve been strappin’ beats to carrier pigeons and hurlin’ them at cars. That affects Disco Club greatly ’cause we could have resampled birdskulls crushing had we the hindsight.

MF: What are the plans over the next few months, will we be seeing more shows from you? Any releases or remixes in the works?

BD: We are releasing our EP soon and in the meantime looking into other Sydney peeps to remix. Shows will be orchestrated around the fact that I’m bailing to Japan and SunSun wanting an ARIA.

Disco Club play Mum at World Bar this Friday the 25th of February

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