DJ Profile: Erectro

Like most DJs/musicians, my love for music started when I was just a young pup. My earliest musical memory is from when I was about four years old. I would use cutlery as drum sticks and try to play along to the music while watching RAGE on ABC TV. Growing up, I liked different styles of music and this helped me appreciate all types of genres which has aided me greatly in my DJing quest.

When I was 15 I started playing the drums and throughout my high school years played in a few small bands. Then, in early 2007, I bought my first set of decks and I haven’t looked back. After months of practice, I played at my first house party, which was in Clovelly and found it a crazy fun experience. After this, I played at most of my friends 21st parties and eventually played my first set at Purple Sneakers. That would have to be the most nerve-racking set I have ever played, but I had all my friends there to dance for me. Soon after I played a set at the Earth Dance 2007 Fundraiser BBQ Party held at the Abercrombie Hotel which was a real buzz. Inspired by all these parties, in August 2007 my friend Seabas and I started a night at the Clare hotel called Don’t Cry and this ran until the end of November 2007.

My musical tastes today are quite broad and it shows in my sets. I have a passion for playing music that the crowd wants to hear, whether it is indie rock, metal, 80s, pop, alternative rock, whatever! Having such a vast music collection also helps.

On the DJ front, 2008 has been fairly quiet until recently. I delved into the world of laptop DJing and am now trying to find the balance between technology and talent. Seabas and I have kept the Don’t Cry name alive by playing sets at MUM (World Bar, Kings X) under the title Don’t Cry DJs.

The biggest thing for me this year was being asked in August to be the resident DJ for  ARTCoustic which runs on Thursday nights at the Abercrombie Hotel. Being the DJ each week, I not only get to support very talented local bands and artists but I love the atmosphere ARTCoustic creates and the vibe of the people who attend. The best part is checking out the cool art displayed upstairs before I DJ and then afterwards getting to watch the bands play. My favourite acts so far have been Bob Corbett and Captain KickArse & the Awesomes, I’m sure the first of many to come.

Name: Robert Mitchell

Age: 22

Monikers: Erectro, Spunk Fiend, Blackie Chan

Nick names: Robbie

Likes: Motorbikes

Dislikes: Bullshit People, really cold mornings

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