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KSMBA Releases Debut Single ‘Emwe’

Australian DJ KSMBA released their debut single ‘Emwe’ on June 14th via Happy Wax Records. This track blends hypnotic grooves with deep percussive rhythms, creating a dynamic and captivating sound.

‘Emwe,’ the first single from their upcoming EP, takes its name from the Runyankole dialect spoken in Western Uganda. KSMBA explains, “My Ugandan heritage, with its strong traditions in drumming and dancing, heavily influenced me. The early Detroit techno scene, rooted in political resistance, Blackness, and Queerness, also inspired me. Additionally, I’m grateful to be part of a scene with Black queer artists working in Naarm.”

KSMBA – ‘Emwe’

KSMBA’s music combines raw, underground energy with sleek precision. Their sharp drum patterns and deep basslines craft a compelling soundscape that immerses listeners in a transformative sonic experience.

Transitioning from classical music to the techno scene, KSMBA brings unique depth to their work. Their mature sound, characterized by intricate grooves and sophisticated drum-driven dance music, showcases their ability to ignite the dancefloor. Their music production and selection weave various genres together, exploring hypnotic, groove-driven, and drum-driven sounds.

Despite starting their DJ career just 18 months ago, KSMBA has quickly risen through the ranks. They’ve played at renowned Australian festivals like Pitch Music & Arts, Beyond the Valley, and Teletech Australia. Their performances have also supported notable artists such as Mall Grab, Effy, Miley Serious, STÜM, and LSDXOXO, demonstrating their innovative approach and captivating energy.

With ‘Emwe,’ KSMBA is set to make a significant mark on the music scene, combining their rich heritage and modern influences into a unique and powerful sound.

You can stream the new single ‘Emwe’ here.

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