Photo: Margot Stewart

PREMIERE: Listen To EUCA’s Emotionally Raw New Single ‘Only Fools’

On earlier singles ‘Not Champagne’, ‘I Hate the Way’ and ‘Spite’, EUCA demonstrated a knack for forthright, heart-on-sleeve lyricism paired with bright, melodic guitar-pop in the vein of contemporaries Ali Barter, Hallie and Asha Jefferies – all of whom the Gold Coast singer-songwriter has performed with, in recent years.

With new song ‘Only Fools’, which we’re premiering here at Music Feeds before it officially arrives tomorrow (12th November), EUCA – a self-proclaimed “over-sharer” – continues that razor-sharp honesty and introspection. It’s one of the songwriter’s darker cuts, an anti-ballad anchored by reverb-heavy guitar chords, an understated rhythm section and sugary harmonies.

All that foregrounds an examination by EUCA into that familiar questioning of the all-too-familiar feeling of why one’s partner chooses to stay with them, and the search for a way to change one’s own self-destructive patterns. “Oh I’m not what I used to be, not as hot as I once could seem / I’m broken beyond repair, says he don’t care,” she croons on the song’s weighty pre-chorus.

Listen to ‘Only Fools’ below.

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