For Fans Of: Bishop Briggs | Introducing: Sydney’s Sarah Yagki

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Feature Artist: Sarah Yagki

For Fans Of:  Bishop Briggs, Broods, Kelela

Hometown: Sydney

Genre:  Alt-pop, RnB

The 411:

Sydney artist Sarah Yagki is thriving off the back of her latest track, ‘Can’t Hardly Lie’. It was her second release of the year.

‘Can’t Hardly Lie’ is moody and fierce, showing off Yagki’s raw attitude and strong vocals.

Melodic, fully fleshed out and mixed with some more production techniques, ‘Can’t Hardly Lie’ charts serious emotional range from Sarah.

Previous releases have seen her lean into darker pop tones, offering a full spectrum of emotion — from heartache to anger and rejuvenation.

‘Can’t Hardly Lie’ is a solid example of her talent to convey anger, bitterness and sharpness with love and heartbreak, striking a balance between both with natural ease.

“’Can’t Hardly Lie’ is a track that I harnessed all my emotional energy, from love to pain to anger and regret, into a track and sculpted it to reflect this,” says Yagki.

“It is, to date, my rawest song based on a personal experience in a relationship, and how I rediscovered and found my own sense of self and strength in it.”

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‘Can’t Hardly Lie’ is an explosive single that feels expertly crafted. The instrumentals are so in tune with the vocals and the lyrical content.

The way this moody drum fill underpins the chorus, the escalation of the sounds in the production, and the backing vocal track create this perfect, emotional journey of a track. The song’s journey feels expertly crafted, with every single sound serving its own purpose.


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