For Fans Of: Mötley Crüe | Introducing: Sydney Hard Rockers, Wicked Things

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Check out today’s ‘For Fans Of’ feature artist below.

Feature Artist: Wicked Things

For Fans Of:  Van Halen, Skid Row, Mötley Crüe, Deep Purple, The Darkness

Hometown: Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Genre:  Rock, hard rock, party rock, classic rock

The 411:

Meet Wicked Things, four brothers from Sydney’s Northern Beaches who play retro-inspired hard rock music and have a well-deserved rep for blowing minds with their live prowess.

They’ve just unleashed their huge new single, ‘The Rocker’, which was inspired by the band’s collective experience quitting their jobs in 2019 to spend five months on the road touring Europe, where they played multiple shows alongside Aussie surf-rock icons Dune Rats and spent countless freezing winter nights sleeping in tents.

Guitarist Blade Hills says ‘The Rocker’ is an ode to the rebellious rock n’ roll spirit that inspired the adventure, as well as Wicked Things’ approach to life in general.

“Chasing the 9 to 5, a stable income, or even a roof over your head isn’t for everyone,” he explains. “The Rocker is authentic, letting your hair run ragged, screaming that you’ll never apologise for who you are (without being the asshole).”

Following on from ‘The Rocker’s global premiere on Triple M Hard N Heavy, Wicked Things have also unveiled an accompanying music video, directed by their friend and collaborator Sean Burns. The outrageously fun clip channels 80’s infomercials to advertise a Queer Eye For The Straight Guy style makeover service guaranteed to transform your guitar dud into a guitar stud.

To celebrate the release of ‘The Rocker’, the band have also announced an East Coast tour that will fittingly see them bring their explosive live show to two of Australia’s most iconic rock n’ roll dive bars – Melbourne’s Cherry Bar and Sydney’s Frankie’s Pizza By The Slice.

However, sadly due to Greater Sydney’s extended lockdown, the Melbourne date is now in the process of being rescheduled.

Live Dates:

Friday, 6th August — TBC

Cherry Bar, Melbourne

Saturday, 2nd October

Frankie’s Pizza, Sydney


A heavy grooving tune-bomb of swaggering guitar riffs, big mean vocal hooks and a mischievous middle-finger attitude, ‘The Rocker’ is a sweaty, steeze-soaked party anthem for those who prefer to live life outside the lines. Best enjoyed in black leather.


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