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Sydney Scores New Music Bar From The Maniacs Behind Frankie’s Pizza (RIP)

It always brings us a little buzz of joy when we get to tell you about a new music venue popping up on the local scene, especially in the economic hellscape that is 2023. And this week, from the ashes of much-loved late rock n’ roll den Frankie’s Pizza By The Slice (2012 – 2022) arises a brand new local venue concept.

Introducing The Caterpillar Club, a new subterranean music lounge nestled beneath Pitt Street in the CBD. It’s the brainchild of Sydney-based hospitality legends Swillhouse, who also run local venues like Shady Pines Saloon, The Baxter INN and, until its untimely death last year, Frankie’s.

DJ’s will soundtrack the late night vibes from a crate of over 10,000 vinyl albums.

Located at 92 Pitt Street (that’s the old Men’s Gallery site for locals in the know), the freshly-minted basement bar and restaurant also boasts one of the biggest record collections in the world, with DJ’s soundtracking the late night vibes from a crate of over 10,000 vinyl albums.

There’s also a serious live music set-up for after-hours jazz fusion and funk acts to keep the dancefloor boogies pumping til the wee hours, with the venue licensed to keep the mood lighting throbbing and disco ball revolving til at least 3am between Sundays and Thursdays and 4am on Fridays and Saturdays.

Zero diss on Frankie’s beloved filthy grunge aesthetic, but this new venue is a very different vibe. Swankier. The space is decked out in red, with Parisian-style café tables and a menu of classy cocktail classics. Expect negronis, americanos, pina coladas and lychee martinis on the drinks list, plus zombie cocktails on tap. But there’ll be some familiar touches in the form of candelit booths and a Fun Room-esque secret Tiki bar out the back dubbed The Bamboo Room, which changes up the vibe with a tropical atmosphere and colourful, fruity bevs.

And then there’s the food, with delectable dishes served all night long, under the captaincy of head chef, Isobel Little. You can get your tastebuds around dry-aged beef burgers served rare, tuna melt sandwiches, spinach and cheese hand pies and crab and avocado cocktails.

And if you were lucky enough to have been part of the regular riff-raff who frequented Frankie’s Pizza, you’ll notice a stack of familiar faces littered across the venue staff and security personnel welcoming you into the velvet-draped bowels of this new Pitt Street watering hole. The degenerate crew is very much back in action, just with a fresh, boujee glow-up.

The Caterpillar Club is now open to all walks of life, just in time for party season.

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