Photo: Matt Redlich

Holy Holy Take Us On The Road With Their Stunningly Shot Euro Tour Photo Diary

This week, native two-piece Holy Holy will be loading up the van, and hitting the highways of Australia for a run of shows in support of their shiny new single Darwinism. The good news doesn’t stop there. Timothy Carroll and Oscar Dawson have spent much of the recent few weeks touring throughout Europe, and if their European tour diary is anything to go by – which it is – we can expect some wild moments.

Holy Holy were decent enough to let us pry on the run of European shows, providing us with photographic evidence – stunningly shot by their producer and keyboard player Matt Redlich – plus accompanying commentary regarding all the shenanigans that went down. So, let’s sticky beak, shall we?

Oscar Dawson

#tourlyf in a #tourvan. Thankfully we were lucky to have a large splitter van for our recent UK/EU run. On a previous tour, we drove in a smaller transit-style van, which almost destroyed the band.

This was our van-cave for a 2.5 week period. Each man wee-d in a corner to define his space and then began the steady process of filling the van with food-packaging and smells. This would only be offset by brief moments pulled over and airing the capsule out. Problem is, every time we pulled over, someone bought more food; and the cycle began anew.

Time was split between watching our laptop screens, wishing the internet connection was better (or existent) whilst in Europe, arguing about something, or sleeping on the tiny day-bed behind the back seat.


A moment of pre-show levity at Paradiso, Amsterdam. Set-lists written, beer drunk, nerves wracked. Paradiso is a beautiful hall in Amsterdam and we have played there a few times now; here’s to a few more.

That’s Jess Beston, band manager, at the left of the frame. She travelled with us through most of this tour, and is our hero.


Rehearsal in Amsterdam. Break time.

Perhaps because of the cold winters, they have become excellent at sealing rooms in Europe. The byproduct of this is that things get stuffy. So, tops off.

I’m guessing Tim and I are talking about set list. Which song do we start with? Should we play this new song? Or should we play more songs that people know? Should we play that older song that we are sick of? Should we play a cover? And so on. These questions never end, because new songs come into existence, present-day songs become old ones, covers get boring, new covers fall under our fingers, and so on (for eternity).


Electric Monkey studios, Amsterdam. Electric Monkey is a lovely studio. A lot of older, vintage gear and some nice tones. We recorded a session for ‘2Meter Sessions’, an online music platform thingo.

This is one of those situations where we are simply told where to arrive on the given day, and must immediately assess the situation to determine what we can achieve musically. Fairly often we have to just make it up as we go, and hence, Graham, left of frame, is playing an acoustic guitar. Normally he’s on bass. Ryan, middle of frame, is playing a significantly diminished kit. Matt is there on his sweet-ass Prophet 06, and Tim and I are trying to navigate the situation without resorting to self-harm.


Rotown in Rotterdam. This was the last show of the tour, and was a great one. Sadly by this point in the tour, my body had decided to start packing it in. Perhaps a byproduct of short-term alcohol abuse. I had to warn Tim before heading on to stage; I might not last the full hour. Have you got anything solo prepared?

Timothy Carroll


Mahogany Sessions. Our first stop of the tour was to The Distillery in Bath to do a live filmed recording in this incredible studio in the English countryside. We were all a bit fucked from Jetlag but it was such a nice space to make music in and the team we worked with were really good at their jobs.


The view from on high – The studio was so lush. Apparently, it was built by the guy who owns the company who invented Dyson Airblades. Would you believe that? He’s got money and he loves music. Fair play.


This shot sums up Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg really well. People everywhere. Everyone heading to or coming from a gig. Everyone drinking beers and smoking. There was a buzz in the air and it was amazing to be in the whirlwind of it all. We did 8 performances in 2 days – which was great for the nerves. There just wasn’t time for them.


Soundcheck for gig number 8 at Reeperbahn – Molotov Skybar at the very top of a building on the main drag. Load-in via a never ending set of stairs.The gig was a good one. The room was packed and we were drenched in sweat by the end of it.


Paris – she never disappoints. We had a few days in Paris and wandered through the streets eating crepes, drinking cider from porcelain bowls and taking in the art and architecture. Great food and service everywhere and the people are lovely. The show was great too. In a small club with two great local bands and the rowdiest crowd of the tour by far. They were singing along (even when they hadn’t heard the songs before) and doing some football chants between songs.

Vive la France!

Holy Holy ‘Darwinism’ National Tour

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Thursday, 3rd November

Fat Controller, Adelaide

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Friday, 4th November

Prince Of Wales, Bunbury *

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Saturday, 5th November

Amplifier, Perth *

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Sunday, 6th November

Mojos, Fremantle *

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Friday, 11th November

Corner Hotel, Melbourne

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Saturday, 12th November

The Workers Club, Geelong

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Sunday, 13th November

Karova Lounge, Ballarat

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Thursday, 17th November

Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle

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Friday, 18th November

Metro Theatre, Sydney

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Saturday, 19th November

Uni Bar – Wollongong, Wollongong

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Sunday, 20th November

The Basement, Canberra

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Thursday, 24th November

Miami Marketta, Gold Coast

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Friday, 25th November

Solbar, Sunshine Coast Qld

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Saturday, 26th November

The Triffid, Brisbane

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*Dream Rimmy appearing in place of I Know Leopard


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