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King Blue’s Top Five Favourite Perth Acts

Perth indie pop fivesome King Blue formed in high school, where they bonded over their shared love of artists such as Mako Road and The Backseat Lovers. The collective of vocalist Skye Sam, guitarists Daniel Clubb and Trent Knight, bassist Tobias Blane, and drummer Craig Dennett soon began channeling their shared love of music into their own original compositions.

In May 2022, King Blue released their fourth single to date, ‘Breathless’. The band have called it their “favourite song recorded” and they launched it in style at Perth venue, Indian Ocean Hotel, on Friday, 20th May with support from Dolce Blue, Nectar and Dear Sunday.

King Blue are big fans of the Perth music scene and were kind enough to fill us in on their top five favourite Perth acts.

King Blue’s Top 5 Favourite Perth Acts

South Summit

Skye Sam: The first band that comes to mind for me is our mates South Summit. Every time I see them live I am just floored by their impeccable stage presence and how tight they keep their set every single show. Isaiah’s vocals are just out of this world.

Spacey Jane

Craig Dennett: I think we can all agree that Spacey Jane have really paved a new sort of sound for a lot of the Perth bands that are around now.

Ra Ra Viper

Daniel Clubb: Ra Ra Viper… where do I even start with these lads? Each member brings something amazing to the stage – and amazing is an understatement. The way Oliver engages with the crowd is one of the most wholesome yet most rockstar experiences from a live show you’ll find.

Death By Denim

Tobias Blane: In my opinion one of the best sounds to come out of Perth in recent years is the band Death By Denim. Their synth wave inspired instrumentals and strong vocals always are a blast to listen to and their live sets are jam packed with energy and fun.

Old Mervs

Trent Knight: Old Mervs is a Perth duo that can’t do wrong. Putting on amazing shows, with their hilarious interaction with the crowds and undeniably amazing sounds.

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