Kristian Nairn DJs under the 'GoT' banner for the first time at Rave Of Thrones / Photo: Dennys Ilic

Kristian Nairn On International Success, The Australian Music Scene & Rave Of Thrones

Under the banner of MoVement Sydney, International DJ troubadour Kristian Nairn, AKA Hodor, recently returned, to unleash upon us all the unstoppable wildfire that is Rave Of Thrones.

Considering this is now the second tour from Nairn for the Game Of Thrones-inspired project, it’s pretty damn clear it’s something Australian fans of both the music and the show, can’t get enough of. And judging by Nairn’s eagerness to hop back on that 25-hour flight, the love goes both ways.

We caught up with the man himself to get the skinny on what’s gone into Rave Of Thrones 2.0, how the rest of the world have taken to it, and the chances of some post-GOT collabs…

Music Feeds: Kristian! Thanks for taking the time to chat. We’re all very excited for the return of Rave Of Thrones to Australian shores, did it take much to twist your arm for a return?

Kristian Nairn: Absolutely not!!!  I’ve been looking forward to coming back!!! I can’t think of anywhere else (apart from home) on the planet I would rather be!

MF: Since Rave Of Thrones was announced, you’ve taken it all around the world. How have the shows gone down in other countries? I feel it’s something that transcends language and culture barriers…

KN: Yeah, it’s been a big indicator to me, of the global reach that the show has attained.  It’s gone far beyond what any of us ever expected I think. It’s crazy to turn up at a place SO far away from home and still be recognised!

MF: Now that your profile as an artist has grown separately to your work as an actor, what sort of crowds do you see at your shows now? Mainly GoT fans? Or Kristian Nairn fans?

KN: It’s truly a mix. The shows go out either as a Rave of Thrones show, which is more themed with dancers and props and the roads tends to dress up more, and also just my DJ set. As I said though, we get a mixture of both at both types of event and I really think that’s what gives it its special atmosphere.

MF: It would be interesting to know, once you started your DJ career during ‘Thrones’, did you inspire any other cast members to pursue their musical dreams?

KN: I’m always encouraging to anyone who wants to branch out, as long as it’s done with integrity, and for the right reasons. The GoT cast is just such a multi-talented bunch anyway, I think they have it covered!

MF: Have you ever thought about reworking Bronn’s hit single ‘Up On The Roof’ by Robson & Jerome into your set?

KN: In a word… No.

MF: Earlier in the year, you featured our own The Aston Shuffle during one of your Soundcloud sessions, how well versed are you on Australian electronic music?

KN: I always find the Australian music scene is a little ahead of the curve compared to most parts of the world, so it’s nice to get a sneak peak at what’s coming. The guys (Aston Shuffle) are superb, and I’m so glad to see them doing so well!

MF: You’re returning as part of V MoVement Festival when it takes over Sydney later this year. Have you had a chance to look over the line-up and create a bit of a ‘must see’ list?

KN: HAHA…  (that’s hysterical laughter)  I WISH I had the time!!! I really do. Even the Sydney show is a flight in, play the gig and then on to the next destination the morning after! It’s just tour life.

MF: Will you Hold The Drop at all?

KN: See the answer to the Robson and Jerome question.

MF: Can we expect an album in the near future from your good self?

KN: I go back into the studio very shortly actually when the touring winds down a little bit. I’ve never been more excited about the material we are at a very early stage of putting together. Whether it’s an album or series of EPs, I don’t know yet. 2017 will tell that story!

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