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Watch Hodor From ‘Game Of Thrones’ Absolutely Shred Guitar While Jamming With Megadeth

Seven hells!

Actor Kristian Nairn might not have any lines on Game Of Thrones other than “Hodor”, but the beloved giant Westerosi simpleton let his fingers do the talking during a recent jam with thrash metal forefathers, Megadeth.

ICYMI: footage has emerged of the HBO star and renowned DJ (who brought his Rave Of Thrones club tour to Australia back in 2016) absolutely shredding ‘Deth jam ‘Holy Wars’ alongside kissed-by-fire frontman, Dave Mustaine.

And gods, does that axe look tiny in his mighty hands!

Watch and prepare to “Hodor!” in awe, below.

More like HOLD THE CHORD! Amirite?

… I’ll just let myself out.

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