Less Is More: SYML’s Favourite Simple Yet Moving Music Videos

Seattle-native and founding member of the band Barcelona Brian Fennell has been pursuing solo endeavours under the moniker SYML – a name that in Welsh translates to simple. It seems that SMYL is more than a name too, acting also as a guiding principal for the type of simple yet moving art that Fennell creates.

His single ‘Where’s My Love’ epitomises this as an elegant, understated and emotive piece of songwriting. The video for the acoustic version of the track is just as simple, and, just as affecting. It is the perfect marriage of song and visuals.

To shed further light on how simplicity can be utilised to stir emotion, SYML has kindly shared with us his musings on some other music videos that have moved him. Have some Kleenex handy for this trip folks.

1. Leon Bridges – River

This video feels as honest and “live” as his music feels, but still feels like a movie.

2. James Blake – I Need A Forest Fire

This is a master class is light and aesthetic.

3. Sia – Bird Set Free

I know it took a lot to make this video seem simple, but it makes my chest tight every time I see it.

4. Sugarland – Why Don’t You Stay

COME ON! I don’t like country that much, but I can’t make it through that video without crying.

5. Kanye West – Fade

This video is the epitome of NSFW, but I can’t imagine a situation where Kanye was watching the video shoot and didn’t say “yes, please, this.”

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