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Meanjin’s Seven Best Contemporary Artists, According to Tjaka

Tjaka is a trio comprising brothers Geoff and Jake Fabila and their family friend, guitarist Felix Fogarty. The Fabila brothers utilise the Didjeribone, a multi-toned slide didgeridoo, and Face Bass, an audio sensor developed to improve the dynamics and amplified sound of the didgeridoo and Didjeribone.

Earlier this year, the Fabilas appeared on ‘The Shake Up’, the debut single from Meanjin-based DJ and producer Dameeeela. Tjaka’s latest single is ‘Break It Down’, which blends hip hop vocals and electronic production with influences from the Fabila family’s Djabera Djabera ancestral heritage. Here, Tjaka bring us up to speed with their favourite Meanjin bands and solo artists.

Tjaka’s Favourite Meanjin Artists

Endless Valley

Endless Valley puts on a mind-bogglingly good live show. With eccentric costumes and a psychedelic sound from another dimension, their music is sure to take you on a journey. We are very honoured to have Endless Valley as one of our special guests at our upcoming East Coast tour in September and can’t wait to see them again ourselves.


Hemingway are another band who we are honoured to have as special guests at our upcoming shows. We are so excited to see these guys live. Anyone who’s a fan of Ocean Alley and Mako Road would love the spacey twist that Hemingway bring. We have not seen them live before, but we will be grooving along when they play in September.

New Living

A tasty blend of funk, jazz and Latin sounds with angelic vocals and a super tight rhythm section. Ranging from pretty ambient sounds to more upbeat fusion songs, they are one you should be sure to check out if given the opportunity.


A remorseless wordsmith out of South Brisbane combining exceptional punchlines with a stone cold flow on every track. Trilla’s tonal presence mixed with his attention to detail is the reason you’ll find yourself going back for more listens. Trilla-D has supported us a few times over the last year and never fails to impress.

The Dandys

The Dandys crew bring so much energy and genuine love of music to every stage they perform on. With catchy hooks and well thought out melodies, it’s the norm to see smiles on every face at one of their gigs. We may be slightly biased since we share the same guitarist, but we highly recommend anyone keen to have a sensational night to catch The Dandys wherever they’re playing.

Kurilpa Reach

We all love this band and their unique fusion of genres and flavours. They’ve got everything you want, from skankin’ guitars and a tight rhythm section to pumping horns that carry the energy like nothing else. They put on an incredible live set and bring nothing but good vibes and smiles.

Ethan Enoch

Music is the tip of the iceberg for this man. A proud indigenous rapper/poet who is also involved heavily in theatre, Ethan is a brother who has supported us a few times and has wowed audiences with his skills as a rapper and as a writer. His honesty and storytelling through hip hop is a perspective all Australians need to hear. Hoping he releases some music for our ears soon.

Tjaka – ‘Break It Down’

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