Music Feeds Faves – 1/10/15

Each week the Music Feeds team hunt down their favourite new tunes, bundle them up in some (often highly legible) words and bring them to you. It’s Music Feeds Faves.

GL – Number One

Get. Into. The. Groove. Because Melbourne duo GL have gathered up all those residual 1980s Madonna vibes and packaged them together in a banger of a new single Number One.

The duo, Graeme Pogson and Ella Thompson, garnered glowing reviews following their Australian festival sets this year, including Thompson’s stint as part of Mark Ronson’s all-star band, and with this sparkling new tune in tow they’re set to continue the trend.

Retro dance floor ready pop at its best, Number One features a smattering of synths, steady drum machines and some soaring Material Girl-esque vocals. Wrap your ears around it right now. / Nastassia Baroni, Editor

No Zu – Ui Yia Uia

Body builders, taxidermia and solid gold steez everywhere in this super stylised clip from Melbourne “heat beat” collective No Zu. Oozing cool with it’s tropical percussion laden post-punk disco driven sound and onomatopoeic vocal hooks, Ui Yia Uia peaks with some low key chic mumbling from Becky “Sui Zhen” Freeman, as she lists off the signs of the Zodiac over the churning bass heavy beat of the track.

Steamy, sweaty and heavy with the funk, this is track sounds like the beginning of a Fear & Loathing-esque Lizard littered trip, which coming from me is high praise indeed. / Michael Carr, Staff Writer

KLP – Recover

KLP aka Kristy Lee Peters is one of those multi-talented, prolific, gorgeous young people who make you feel like a garbage human by comparison. Radio host, DJ, producer, singer-songwriter, former girl-band member and all round gem of a human KLP’s latest offering to society is this tidy little banger, Recover.

Bristling with catchy “Na na na na na na na yeah yeah”s and a lightning fast percussive hook, Recover is contemporary pop kicked directly in the dick and I am so here for it. The track also features the rap stylings of local MC Remi which takes the track to the proverbial 11.

TL:DR KLP slays my life. / Mitch Feltscheer, Creative Content Director

APES – Dimensions

The deceptively named APES are much more musically evolved than their monicker would suggest. Far from the sonic equivalent of hurling faeces at each other that you’d probably expect, the Ballarat-bred primates’ latest tune Dimensions is a sophisticated piece of slow-burning groove-laced rock n’ roll that builds into a stomping stadium chorus and blues-guitar solo explosion. King. Of. The. Mother. Flippin. Jungle.


APES are supporting The Darkness on their upcoming national tour as well as playing a handful of their own headlining Dimensions tour dates this November & December. Check their Facebook page for more info./ Emmy Mack, Staff Writer

Daughter – Doing The Right Thing

Prepare for the cold dark void where your heart once was to flicker into life momentarily, with this new video for Doing The Right Thing from folk trio Daughter.

Bringing all the feels and them some the mournful slow-burner of a track is brought to achingly beautiful life with the depiction of an elderly woman suffering dementia, set to be moved to an aged care home and the final actions of her husband before it, picking up her once favourite dress from the dry cleaners.

I’m not crying, YOU ARE. / Mitch Feltscheer

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