Music Feeds Faves – 14/08/15

Each week the Music Feeds team hunt down their favourite new tunes, bundle them up in some, often highly legible words and bring them to you. It’s Music Feeds Faves.

EMPRA – Rebecca

One of Melbourne’s brightest young rock acts that you might not have heard of but should definitely get onto because they’re just that good, EMPRA, have released a brand new tune called Rebecca off their forthcoming sophomore LP, and it’s guaranteed to elevate your mood from “Billy Corgan at Disneyland”

To “Baby Elephant Frolicking With Local Birdlife”


After casting ears on this vibrant rockin’ toe-tapper, with a soul-hugging chorus that could melt the heart of a Game Of Thrones White Walker, you’ll be wanting to name your firstborn child “Rebecca” regardless of gender, or re-name your previously-born child “Rebecca”, regardless of whether or not they’ve been a fully-grown adult for going on 10 years.

Cheers, mum.

EMPRA are also taking the new single on tour. Check out the dates via their official Facebook page. / Emmy Rebecca Mack, Staff Writer

Szymon – Medusa

A few years ago Australia, and the world, lost one of music’s most exciting talents, a young bedroom producer Szymon Borzestowski, who lost his battle with mental illness in 2012 and tragically took his own life at just 23 years of age.

To lose anyone at that age and in those circumstances is simply tragic. Yet, with one in every five Australians experiencing a mental illness each year and with suicide being the leading cause of death for 15-19-year-olds, his is a story that’s tragically all to familiar to our collective experience.

Borzestowski was a loved son, brother, friend and to the rest of us an incredibly gifted and promising musician – something his family and people close to him want to the world to remember. And so, those meticulously crafted songs that were born inside his Newcastle bedroom back in 2008 will see the light of day this month via his posthumous debut album Tigersapp.

The delicate and airy Medusa is the album’s third single and it’s just been given a beautiful animated video treatment by Italian artist/animator Sergio Pastore, who successfully catapults this music back into the otherworldly realm from which it was birthed.

It’s a cruel truth that Szymon is not here to witness the release of Tigersapp or the joy that his music brings to us. Do yourselves a favour and please, take a moment out of your day and dance around to Medusa. / Nastassia Baroni, Editor

If you are struggling, help is available via Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Monolake – Error

Imho, this week has been a bit of a dud for exciting new music, aside from FKA twigs’ new EP and Monolake’s Error. Yes, Error is all electronic drones, and no, I’m not going to drone on about it, except to say DROOOOOONES. / Tom Williams, Staff Writer


Samuel Dobson – Who You Run With?

“They’ll all be dead and done with/So don’t pull any dumb shit/ Please don’t be dumb kid.”

The brooding and mysterious voice of Samuel Dobson (FKA Shazza T) is back with Who You Run With?, another taste of his upcoming album. The first track we’ve heard from Dobson’s album was Coda following the final hours of a meth dealers life (yeah, pretty morbid, but the good kind).

Dobson glides over some creepy strings and laid back drums, producing the chorus hook in the most laid back and lazy delivery possible (I mean that in a good way), making you really listen to every moment and element in this track. Dobson’s ability to expose the thoughts and instability of his character as well as the masterful stringed accompaniment is evident once again in this track, showing that this is going to be a gripping album.

Dobson is definitely a new driving force in the Australian hip hop scene, taking it places that we couldn’t have imagined. / Harry Fuller, Presenter

Ecca Vandal – Father Hu$$la

The ferocious Ecca Vandal continues to do no wrong with new juicy single Father Hu$$la, which trades in her usual vocal chord destroying belts and lightning fast licks for a more melodic, gentle turn (well “gentle” by comparison to her deliciously epic prior material.)

Showing off her insane range, Father Hu$$la still ends up ripping you a new one but en route to that ultimate destruction Ecca plays with you like a cat with mouse, batting you around with some almost soothing, building vocal work culminating in the dangerous, dense chorus that she owns so well. RIP you, again. / Mitch Feltscheer, Creative Content Director

Majical Cloudz – Silver Car Crash

This song got me feeling. I keep seeing images of myself in a pink-with-light, pleather booth, fingering a laminate menu, as my blind-date looks on reticently. And then, that evanescent moment happens, when a shared glance or a wanton but wanting touch breaks the awkwardness. So yeh. Think of meetings in plastic diners, and the loving regard of a stranger’s stare.

More important than my silly musings, Majical Cloudz included the following explanation for the song:

“Our song ‘Silver Car Crash’ is named after this painting by Andy Warhol, called ‘Silver Car Crash (Double Disaster)’. He made it in 1963 as part of a group of paintings that are known as the “Death and Disaster series.

His paintings can sometimes be very spiritual and preoccupied with an other world, even though their surface makes them seem more innocent. (When I look at these paintings I always imagine that Andy Warhol is asking, “What happens after death?”)

I really like that kind of double meaning, and the way the paintings combine two different preoccupations that are, in life, always mixing together.

I think the song Silver Car Crash also has a kind of double meaning and combines emotions which are usually combined in some form anyway. It was inspired by life but also by Andy Warhol!” / Luke Bodley, Presenter

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