Music Feeds Faves – 15/05/15

Each week the Music Feeds team pick a favourite new song from the week that was, wrap it in a bunch of words and present it to you. It’s Music Feeds Faves.

Drawcard – We Are The Future

Sunshine Coast rockers DrawCard have played a winning hand with their new single, We Are The Future. If you happen to be a hapless millennial searching for a sense of meaning and direction in life, then this slick, edgy modern rock anthem, sliced off the band’s recently released Goons LTD EP, might just be the kick in the pants that you and your generation need. Rousing Lyrics? Tick. Highly singable chorus? Tick. Blazing guitar work? Tick. Ferocious build to pants-crapping climax? Tick.

In full seriousness, there just aren’t enough angry songs on the radio today. And I don’t mean angry as in my-boyfriend/girlfriend-just-broke-up-with-me-and-now-I’m-like-totally-pissed-at-them-and-stuff angry, I mean angry as in fuck-the-government-for-demonising-minorities-and-disenfranchising-the-poor, let’s-unite-as-one-and-fight-the-power angry.

And I think, it being budget week and all, it’s about as good a time as any to be expressing some good old fashioned rageahol. This song will encourage your fists to get a-shaking and your middle fingers to get a-lifting, while giving you a sense of power, unity and hope. Nice one, fellas. / Emmy Mack, Staff Writer

Ayla – Waiting

If Ayla isn’t on your radar already she should be. Her debut single Wish I Was, was the 15th most played track on Triple J last year, and you can bet her follow up Waiting will get its fair share of airtime. This is melancholy indie pop at its best.

While the lyrics tell a lonely tale, there’s a real warmth and resonance to her vocals. This is more than just a pretty pop song; there is an underlying edge to this track that demonstrates maturity beyond her humble 19 years. A couple of listens will have you humming along to this wistful chorus and eagerly awaiting her EP due to be released later this year. / Elisa Parry, Contributor

Tame Impala – Eventually

The new Tame Impala tracks keep on rollin’ in, and for me, Eventually is probably the best one to have so far surfaced from the group’s upcoming album, Currents. Well, the best one since Let It Happen dropped back in March; that track is going to be difficult to beat.

Currents is set for release on 17th July. / Tom Williams, Staff Writer

Lime Cordiale – Feel Alright

OK, look. I’m just a sucker for a horn section. I don’t know why, it’s just a weakness, and one I succumb to willingly. So this new jam by Sydney’s Lime Cordiale hits all the right, brassy notes for me. Plus it’s playful, funky and hella catchy.

There’s a lot of stuff going on here – a bit of pop, soul, even some psychedelic overtures – which makes sense, seeing that the boys say the track draws on influences from Charles Bradley to Daft Punk to The Roots – who together would also make a pretty spectacular dinner party guest list, or, I don’t know, bowling team.

If you like what you’re hearing, Lime Cordiale are launching the single with two exclusive shows in Sydney and Melbourne this July. For now though, kick off your weekend right. / Nastassia Baroni, Editor

Darts – Below Empty & Westward Bound

“Hang on Mitch, you can’t talk about an entire album in the favourite new songs column, what are you even doing?”, you might say to this week’s entry. Ok, well, firstly: rude. Secondly, pretty sure I can do whatever the fuck I want to, you’re not the boss of me, dickhead. (Unless you are literally my boss in which case, hi Joel, you look really nice today, is that a new shirt?).

If this was an album review I’d probably say Below Empty & Westward Bound is a multi-faceted, sprawling exploration of all that crunchy guitars and deliciously incessant percussion has to offer, but this isn’t an album review (see above re: I do what I fucking want) so I’m gonna say the album makes me feel like Mr Bean in that episode where he rides an armchair on top of his car. I’m oddly comfortable, not entirely in control of what is happening and I could explode in a hideous fiery death at any bend.

Songs like opener Commanche and the rising and falling Push Me Thru bristle with a volatile energy, whilst slower tunes Aeroplane (below) and Travelling Aardvark Kashmir soothe with the surprisingly beautiful, intricate vocal interplay between Angus and Ally. Ah shit, that pretty much is an album review isn’t it? Anyway, go buy it, it’s really fucking good. / Mitch Feltscheer, Creative Content Director

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