Music Feeds Faves – 26/05/17

The Music Feeds team is ready to wax lyrical about tunes we’re digging and show how ~cool~ we are when dropping that new music knowledge. Here we’ve wrangled together the fresh new songs that made an impact on us these past few weeks, for the ultimate new music playlist. It’s Music Feeds Faves!

Brightness – ‘Talk To Me’

I’ve twice had the pleasure of watching Newcastle artist Alex Knight (aka Brightness) perform live in the last few months, and I’ve had goosebumps both times. Released this week, his second single ‘Talk To Me’ might have you picturing him as something of an Australian Elliott Smith, and to be honest you wouldn’t be too far off.

The softly-spoken song slowly builds to a hypnotic final passage with backing vocals and horns over a swaying rhythm, and it packs even more of a punch in a live setting. Knight explains the song by saying, “It’s a message to younger people to not be ashamed of their rawness,” and that’s exactly the kind of angst the song exudes, in lines like “just admit you have no idea” and its “talk to me” chorus hook.

‘Talk To Me’ will appear on Brightness’ debut album, Teething, which is set for release on 30th June through I OH YOU, with album launch shows to follow in Sydney and Melbourne. / Tom Williams, News Editor

Mikhael Paskalev – Shotgun

Mikhael Paskalev’s latest pop epic wouldn’t be out of place on any John Hughes movie soundtrack. The eccentric Norweigan artist’s new track is a 4+ minute tour de force of genres – from power pop to glam to disco – all reminiscent of the celebrated excess and candied bliss that epitomises so much of 1980s music, in a good way. Simply put, this song will make you happy.

On a week like this, the world still reeling from the horrific attack at Ariana Grande’s arena show in Machester – a city that, in many ways, is an epicentre of pop music – we could all use a reminder of what pop music, at its core, is about: Sometimes silly, always inclusive, unabashed joy. / Nastassia Baroni, Managing Editor

Burial – ‘Beachfires’

Continuing his pattern of dropping surprise songs in pairs, Burial returned this week with the new EP Subtemple / Beachfires.

The record’s 10-minute closing track is best experienced in a quiet space (maybe on a beach, at night, near a fire?), especially given its enveloping sub-bass drops, chimes, drones and tape crackle.

The Subtemple / Beachfires EP follows Burial’s previous two-song release, November’s Young Death / Nightmarket. / Tom Williams, News Editor

Lucy Rose – ‘No Good At All’

According to UK singer and songwriter Lucy Rose “a fair amount of self-doubt” fuelled the creation of her latest single ‘No Good At All’, and boy insecurity never sounded so lovely. The song sways with a 1970s Fleetwood Mac pop rock heartbeat, with hints of Regina Spektor-esque production stylings peeking through, as Rose sings, ever so beautifully, of a love turned sour.

Despite its title, ‘No Good At All’ is not all negative feelings of self-doubt and heartbreak. It’s also inherently positive. “Part of me wondered if maybe somewhere down the line somewhere (my great great great grand-daughter maybe?), there would be a girl who had a little bit of me in her and could achieve everything she wanted,” explains Rose.

‘No Good At All’ is the second single from Lucy Rose’s third album Something’s Changing, due out on July 7. / Nastassia Baroni, Managing Editor

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