Music Feeds Podcast Episode #125: Billy Talent

Canadian rockers Billy Talent released the first album under their post-Pezz moniker in 2003, and have already managed to release a greatest hits album. The group’s guitarist, Ian D’Sa recently spoke to Music Feeds from the band’s Toronto studio, and discussed the compilation album, the joys of being free of deadlines and the group’s future Australian tour plans.

Billy Talent’s greatest hits album, Hits, dropped in November. D’Sa shared the band’s collective excitement for the release, and detailed how strange it feels to have achieved such a feat.

“It’s kinda strange, actually,” D’Sa said. “It’s really special and it’s something that we’re all very proud of. It’s crazy weird that we can look back and listen to all these songs that we did over the year that have connected with people.”

Billy Talent chose 12 official singles to go on Hits, and also recorded two new songs for the compilation, which D’Sa said were originally written for the band’s next studio record. “They were probably the first two tracks that we wrote,” D’Sa noted.

The guitarist also told Music Feeds that Billy Talent are “in pretty good shape” for their next album, with no deadlines or schedules weighing them down.

When will Aussie fans get another chance to catch the Soundwave 2013 act live? “We love coming down there,” D’Sa said. “So hopefully we can try to get this record out early next year and come back for the next Soundwave after [2015].”

Listen: Music Feeds Podcast Episode #125: Billy Talent

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