Music Feeds Podcast Episode #60 – Flosstradamus

With Big Day Out 2014 just weeks away, Music Feeds caught up with one of the most anticipated acts from the BDO2014 roster, Chicago-based duo Flosstradamus, whose members J2K and Autobot got online with our own Mike Hohnen for the latest instalment of Music Feeds Podcast.

Autobot, real name Curt Cameruci, spoke to us from New York, while J2K, real name Josh Young, tuned in from Chicago, the conversation kicking off with a discussion of the band’s recent tour dates, with Josh remarking on the exponential growth of the crowds and venues since the duo’s last tour.

“It’s been awesome, man. The last tour we did was like, all the venues were about a third of this size, so we upscaled everything. And we didn’t know if we were gonna sell everything out, but everything’s selling out so we’re really happy, man, the shows have been great,” Josh told us.

“It’s been blowing my mind,” added Curt, “we did this venue out here in New York called Terminal 5 and I’ve seen a few acts there before. The space is huge, it looks like a scene out of Blade III [laughs] It’s amazing…when we walked on stage it was nothing but chills, man, for real.”

Speaking about their upcoming Australian shows, Curt said, “They better know how to do a mosh pit when we get down there,” with Josh showing off his Aussie vernacular, adding, “Big Day Out’s got that, like…you know there’s gonna be mad bogans at that shit so it’s gonna turn up!”

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Watch: Music Feeds Podcast Episode #60 – Flosstradamus

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