Music Feeds Podcast Episode #73 – ††† (Crosses)

The new electronic project of DeftonesChino Moreno, Chuck Doom and Far‘s Shaun Lopez, ††† (Crosses), is drumming up hype around the globe with the release of their debut self-titled record, and Lopez found the time to tell us all about it for the latest instalment of Music Feeds Podcast.

The guitarist told us that the side-project nature of the band resulted in a different, more free-flowing vibe once the band got in the studio. “I think because the way we made it, you know, it was just kind of like… there was never any schedule. We just made the songs as we went,” he said.

He added that the marketing was left-of-centre too. “I just felt like I knew a good way to get the music out there, like, ‘Let’s just put the first one out there for free. Let’s just put it up when no one is expecting it,’ and we did it that way and we hoped that – we didn’t know, but we hoped – that the people would like it and they’d want to spread the word on that and man, you can’t pay for that.”

At the end of the day, Lopez says the trio are just creating music instinctively, saying, “We’re all just making the kind of music that we’re just feeling at the time and it just feels like, you know, ‘Let’s just try this, man.’ Like, there’s really no rules.” Find out more in our full interview, below.

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