Music Feeds Podcast Episode #75 – Issues

Atlanta-based up and comers Issues have been firmly establishing that they’re a a force to be reckoned with in the metalcore scene. In town for the Bring Me The Horizon tour, vocalist Tyler Carter called our very own Mike Hohnen to tell us all about the band’s adventures.

Tyler tells us their current Aussie tour is going swimmingly, with their tour-mates welcoming the band with open arms. “The Bring Me guys are really welcoming. You can only imagine a band of their stature is going to be intimidating or stand-offish or arrogant in a sense, but these guys are really loving and seem to be having a good time so far. They’re incredible live, so we’re just honoured to be able to be on this tour, you know?”

It’s been a hectic year for the young outfit, Tyler tells us, having just dropped their debut self-titled LP and playing some pretty high-profile shows. “These tours, just the tours we’ve got to do this year have been insane, you know. There was like Pierce The Veil, and then there was the A Day To Remember tour, and then we just did the Sirens tour, Warped Tour.”

And what’s up next for Issues? “Getting to do Warped Tour again this year and, you know, going back to another bigger, sold-out tour in the UK. And then we’re doing Reading and Leeds and everything. It’s just going to be a fucking amazing year.”

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