Here Are One Day’s Top Tips For Achieving The Best Flight Experience, Every Time

Aussie hip-hop collective One Day are about to spend a whooole bunch of time getting high. And by that we mean flying all over the country to deliver their National Block Party to fans in 13 different cities.

So on the eve of their street bash marathon, the supergroup of airport veterans – which includes The Meeting Tree’s Raph and Joyride, Horrorshow’s Adit and Spit Syndicate’s Nick Lupi – have given Music Feeds their top tips on how we, too, can optimise our future flight experiences, from the terminal to the tarmac and back again.

Feel free to take notes.


Raph (One Day, The Meeting Tree, Jackie Onassis)

“As the most consistently complimentarily upgraded member of the One Day DJs, I’ve deduced 3 simple rules to maximising your chances of being moved into business class:

  1. Flirt
  2. Flirt
  3. Flirt

Male, female, young, old, it doesn’t matter. Never underestimate the effectiveness of a smile and some flattery.”


Lupi (One Day, Spit Syndicate)

“Through our years of One Day Sundays and Spit Syndicate, Joyride has become my most frequent flight partner. Flying with the big homie has many perks; he’s patient, he’s hilarious, and, above all, he’s extremely comfortable to lean into and sleep on. A presidential suite goose down pillow hasn’t got shit on Joyride’s upper left arm, IMO.

But travelling with a larger-than-life companion gives you the opportunity to press your case for optimal seating options. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve opened the check-in process with a warm smile, a nod to Joyride accompanied by a line like ‘You see, Rachel, me and my large friend here have had a rough run of seating on the past few flights. Regular seats are simply not accommodating to a man of his stature. If it’s at all possible for some sort of upgrade, we’d be eternally indebted to you’ accompanied by a wink and a nod to Joyride – well, we’d be flying private by now. (Which, by the way, we have done on a handful of occasions thanks to our good mate PC)

In closing, my advice for flying would be: be prepared, trust yourself, trust the system, and, where possible, travel with a massive c*nt for seating leverage/sympathy.”

One Day plane

Adit (One Day, Horrorshow)

“Jet lag is a myth. I don’t care what the experts say, but I’ve never experienced it. I travel a lot around Australia in my line of work. You’d think I would’ve come across it. If I haven’t experienced it, how can it be true?”

Joyride (One Day, The Meeting Tree)

“I find that travelling a lot can be very fruitful, creatively. Hours upon hours drifting through the sky, alone with your thoughts and podcasts. Look out your window for a fresh hit of perspective: “those people look like ants! And those ants look like nothing!”

Here’s a haiku I wrote while cruising through the Australian skies:

I sit near the front

So I can thwart terrorism

And get off quickly.”

Uh, we don’t think that’s an innuendo.

Catch all of One Day’s National Block Party tour dates right here. 

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