Parklife 2012 Interviews – Softwar

Billed as one of the leading lights in the “new wave of electronic artists sweeping through Australia’s dancefloors”, Sydney dance duo Softwar are gearing up for a huge summer ahead.  First stop is next month’s Parklife festival, and as Music Feeds discovers – a few of their Modular labelmates may need to watch out for the horny electro stars backstage, in particular Tame Impala.   Myles Du Chateau and Jeremy Lloyd tell us about their favourite body parts and their plans to take long baths once they crack the big time.

MF: You’re breaking your Parklife cherry this year; what can we expect from you – musically and with extracurricular activity?

S: Musically, we want to make those guys wearing fake tan, low singlets and bad white sunnies dance. This will be achieved through ze haus musik, in the way of extracurricular, really bad shoes, bed hair and red eyes.

MF: Which other artists would you like to check out?

S: The Presets, Tame Impala, Art Department, Lee Foss, and pretty much all the local acts like the Motorik guys, Slow Blow, Wordlife and Lancelot, to name a few.

MF: And which artists would you like to make babies with?

S: Is it wrong to say Tame Impala?

MF: It’s been a big year for you so far; what have been the highlights?

S: Oh shit… a lot of things have been really funny this year, some too dark to mention. Aside from our EP This Time Around coming out, we have been fortunate to experience some wild times. Our Queensland trip was a highlight for sure with a healthy mix of comical freeway spews and freeway driving bans. A lot of xxxx was consumed by all.

MF: This Time Around has become quite an anthem. Talk us through it…

S: Yeah, we are happy with that one. It’s got a nice mix of pop/house vibes, which can fit in well to various crowds. The vocals work and it sounds good when we play it, so we are pleased. It’s good to have a song that is really inspired on the old-school side of things.

MF: What releases have you got coming up next?

S: We have a Club Mod release out later this year. It’s going to be two jams, which we are really excited about, and plenty of new remixes, and some more original work in the pipeline.

MF: What are you gonna do when you’re rich and famous?

S: Have really longs baths, long walks, long legs, long hair, long food.

MF: What part of the body do you love most about eachother?

S: Jeremy: moustache, Myles: great hands.

Sofwar play at Parklife around the country in September and October. For the full lineup and more information on the festival click here.

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