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Please Have a Seat: The Albums NNAMDÏ Can’t Stop Listening To

Chicago pop experimentalist NNAMDÏ released his latest album, Please Have a Seat, in early October via Secretly Canadian. Like on previous releases, such as 2020’s Brat, the multi-instrumentalist, singer and rapper formerly known as Nnamdi Ogbonnaya flicks from weirdo pop to indie rock, electro-prog, contemporary hip hop and more.

On paper, it sounds like a challenging listen, but in practice, the combination of NNAMDÏ’s curious songcraft and versatile production is so consistently compelling that thoughts of genre quickly go out the door. With the album now on shelves, NNAMDÏ tells Music Feeds about a handful of his favourite records.

NNAMDÏ – ‘I Don’t Wanna Be Famous’

Lala Lala: I Want the Door to Open

Nnamdi: I like this album because I think she really expanded her soundscapes into a world that’s special and also different from previous releases. Lots of really great synth sounds and warm tones. I especially love the vocals and instrumental break on ‘Straight & Narrow’.

Sen Morimoto: Sen Morimoto

Nnamdi: Sen is hands down one of the best songwriters, in my opinion. This album has so much depth to it and I think it is one of those records where your favourite part could change with each listen.

mtvghosts: The Five 5ides of Time

Nnamdi: As far as underrated songwriters and albums are concerned, I could talk about this one forever. It’s like the vibe of Zombies, Beatles, Beach Boys encompassed in one freaky modern soul. One of my most listened to records. I am all about a good fugue and crisp harmonised background vocals.

Macie Stewart: Mouthful of Glass

Nnamdi: From the luscious strings and harmonised lyrics to the more sparse acoustic and vocal arrangements on this record, you are carried consistently and thoughtfully throughout. I think you can really feel the heart and thought put into every moment of each song, which is a very special thing to be able to do on a record.

lynyn: lexicon

Nnamdi: Conor Mackey is a musical genie/genius, composer, electronic music wizard and just a master of shifting textures and automation. Everything that happens feels so intentional and it takes you into an experience that makes you relinquish control of your own expectations. Definitely inspired by their production.

  • NNAMDÏ’s Please Have a Seat is out now.

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