Chelsea Warner

PREMIERE: Chelsea Warner Captures the Dizzying Emotion of Adolescence with ‘Drama’

After a string of singles throughout 2020, Sydney’s Chelsea Warner returns with her first song for the year, a late-night R&B-tinged jam titled ‘Drama’.

Capturing the heady energy and emotion of navigating young adulthood, the new single is buoyed by Warner’s silky vocals and mellow instrumentation – shimmering, understated keys and a slinky bass line making up a lot of the track’s backbone.  The result is that ‘Drama’, which we’re premiering here at Music Feeds before it officially arrives this Wednesday, 9th June, feels at once nostalgic and contemporary, in line with its reflective subject matter.

Written, recorded and produced by Warner herself, there’s a playful juxtaposition that gets explored throughout the song – between some of the more blissed out production choices, which call to mind the likes of Kaytranada, and lyrics which centre around the high tension of youth and young love.

“‘Drama’ was written about a side of myself that I don’t like; one that craves attention and loves tension,” Warner explains. “Written in the haze of adolescence, it’s an ode to the stereotype of the dramatic teenage girl and how it makes young women feel about their own emotions.”

Altogether, Warner’s latest feels like a levelling up of her sharp songwriting, and a promising taste of what’s to come. Listen to ‘Drama’ below.

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