PREMIERE: Chymes and Aston Unite on New Song ‘Taken’

After a string of attention-grabbing singles between them throughout 2021, Australian pop artists Chymes and Aston unite on their new collaborative single ‘Taken’, which we’re premiering here at Music Feeds before it officially arrives tomorrow (29th October).

The track, which the pair describe as an “anti-fuckboy anthem”, is an assertive banger with an infectiously anthemic refrain. It foregrounds both artists’ vocals with edgy, bass-heavy production that leans into the darker territory found on Chymes’ recent cuts like ‘Death Wish’ and 2020’s ‘Made of You’.

“This song was beyond fun to create. Writing with a good friend is such a pleasure and we really were able to combine our joint love for sassy, hard-hitting lyrics and punchy production for this track,” Chymes says of the writing process behind ‘Taken’.

Lyrically, ‘Taken’ centres around being lured in by those who already have a significant other and the “temptation and frustration that comes with that.”

Aston echoes the sentiment: “It’s the worst because you create a bond with someone totally unaware that they have a partner back at home. Usually, more than one person gets hurt in the situation.”

“It was cool to turn this somewhat hopeless lyrical concept into something that felt flirtatious, upbeat and mouthy,” Chymes concludes. Listen to ‘Taken’ below:

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