PREMIERE: Dan Cribb Recruits Jeremy Neale For Punk Cover Of The Simpsons’ ‘You’re Checkin’ In’

Beginning in October last year, WA muso Dan Cribb has been delivering incredible punk covers of iconic songs from The Simpsons on a monthly basis, and now his latest effort sees him team up with Brissy singer-songwriter Jeremy Neale.

Following on from tracks like ‘Flaming Moe’s,’ and ‘Baby On Board‘, Cribb’s latest creation is a re-imagining of the song ‘You’re Checkin’ In’ from episode one of the show’s ninth season ‘The City Of New York vs. Homer Simpson’.

The song is taken from a musical that the Simpson family goes to see in New York, telling the story of a washed-up Hollywood celebrity who checks into a rehab clinic.

“While You’re Checkin In’ isn’t too well known compared to some of The Simpsons‘ other hits, it has some insanely catchy melodies and lends itself perfectly to becoming a punk rock tune,” Cribb tells Music Feeds. “The song has a pretty wide vocal range that Jeremy nailed. His voice is magic and he’s a super nice dude.”

This will be the sixth song in the series of covers, and Cribb has said that there will be at least another six more to come.

Listen: Dan Cribb – ‘You’re Checkin’ In’ (feat. Jeremy Neale)

Watch: The Simpsons – ‘You’re Checkin’ In’

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