PREMIERE: Danish Artist Kill J Unleashes Experimental Pop Protest Song, ‘Strange Fruits Of The Sea’

After soaring onto the international radar off the back of her dark, dystopian cover of ‘Barbie Girl’, Danish experimental pop artist Kill J has unveiled a brand new original single.

Dubbed ‘Strange Fruits Of The Sea’, the throbbing, breathy, electro-laced lurker is as catchy as is it ominous.

“I wrote this song because I’m angry,” Kill J tells Music Feeds. “I’ve always been inspired by politics and current events. However, this point in time is unique. There is a lot to talk about!

“It’s a protest song – about borders, walls, barbed wire fences and people trying to survive on small boats crossing the Mediterranean Sea,” she continues.

“Greed. Childish dictators with small hands. [wonder who she’s talking about there? *cough* Trump *cough] In those hands are peoples lives. It is about a better life and a brighter future for the next generations. While some people dream of just surviving their journey across the boarders, others dream of wealth and power at the expense of others.”

Sounds like themes that are pretty damn relevant here in Australia right now as well.

Catch ‘Strange Fruits Of The Sea’ premiering exclusively via Music Feeds below.

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