Dip Road Dogs

PREMIERE: On ‘Lazy’, Dip Road Dogs Ask Whether The Grass Is Really Greener

Originating from Mallee before spreading out around regional Victoria, Dip Road Dogs make a pretty dreamy concoction of Americana that also sits in the same ballpark as The National or The Church.

Those latter influences are particularly distinct on new single ‘Lazy’, which we’re premiering today. The second single from the band’s forthcoming EP Shakshuka, due out next month, its a hypnotic slow burn that’s easy to get lost in thanks to its haunting strings and singer Dave Chirnside’s deep, Berninger-inflected drawl.

Lyrically, ‘Lazy’ sombrely meditates on a common relationship problem – the issues that start to seep in when one partner fails to pull their weight. “It’s a warning to everyone to make sure you mow the lawns and do the dishes or you will end up alone,” jokes Chirnside.

Shakshuka was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee with producer Josh Frigo – and the band say it’s an apt title for the collection.

“Shakshuka … is a delicious tomato-based dish that can be served at dinner or breakfast and you can throw nearly anything in to make it work. Our EP is a collection of old and new ideas that have created quite a variety of genres and sounds, so it’s a bit of a mixed bag but we think the songs gel well together,” explains Chirnside.

Watch the lyric video for ‘Lazy’ below. Shakshuka is out Thursday, 22nd May.

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