PREMIERE: E for Echo Turn A Redfern Convenience Store Into A Late Night Dancefloor In ‘How To Win’ Video

The title track of dream-pop band E for Echo‘s new EP How To Win is an atmospheric, reverb and vintage synth-soaked bop that explores working an uninspiring job to fund one’s art in a society driven by money and profit, a universal theme for the many creatives on the grind who dream of being able to survive off their passion.

The music video, which we’re premiering online today, is set inside the iconic Redfern Convenience Store, as made famous by owner Hazem Sedda’s Instagram account documenting the store and its customers. It follows a young creative (portrayed by Munich-based dancer Christina Commisso) working a part-time job to fund her passion, evoking 80s flash-dance nostalgia.

“The video, inspired by the song’s lyrics, is a huge shout out to the working creatives of a city, especially those who become invisible in their day jobs,” says the video’s director Natalia Cartney.

“Cities often have creative hubs where a lot of artists live or go to perform. That community is so essential, where people live out their truest lives, inspiring and supporting each other, struggling and making sacrifices.”

E for Echo have had a pretty good run this year, launching single ‘Talk Don’t Talk’ back in July at Oxford Art Factory and releasing the How To Win EP earlier this month, produced by the band themselves.

Check out the video for ‘How To Win’ below and catch E For Echo at Waywards with Andy Clockwise (US) this Friday, 23rd August. Tickets available here.

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