PREMIERE: Elana Stone Explores Robotic Consciousness In The Video For ‘Permanent Limbo’

Earlier this month, All Our Exes Live in Texas vocalist and accordionist Elana Stone returned with her first new solo material in half a decade. The glistening electronic pop of latest single ‘Permanent Limbo’ is a turn away from the folk-oriented music she crafts with her band, but retains its warmth and nuance. The song’s sonically buoyant, danceable nature also belies the vulnerability in its lyrics; which are rooted in love, loss and technology.

Written in 2019, ‘Permanent Limbo’ was originally inspired by a long distance relationship that broke down amid a near-constant touring cycle with All Our Exes Live in Texas. “During the course of this long distance relationship, technology was the only thing keeping us together but it was simultaneously making us feel more alone in our separate lives,” explains Stone.

“Fast forward to 2020 when the pandemic hit and our entire lives moved online. For most of us the internet became our only source of connection. We were all in a ‘permanent limbo’ of sorts – especially those of us who rely on touring live music to make our living and, in many cases, to fulfill our emotional needs.”

Today, we’re premiering the animated video for ‘Permanent Limbo’, created by Luna Tunes. It’s a fitting visual accompaniment to a track about the ways we interact as human beings with technology, one that sees its robotic lead characters steadily gaining intelligence, personality and enlightenment while going about domestic chores in their houses. It’s colourful, charming, and suits the song to a tee.

Check out the video for ‘Permanent Limbo’ below.

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