PREMIERE: Future Static Confront Inner Struggle With ‘Dead End’

On new single ‘Dead End’, Melbourne outfit Future Static combine crushingly heavy riffs, a propulsive rhythm section and singer Bri Marsh’s soaring vocals to deliver a message about the toll that it takes battling with your own demons. “Take me at my word / ’cause I’m still waiting for the worst,” sings Marsh in the chorus.

“‘Dead End’ encapsulates a major theme of our upcoming record, Fatalist; the idea that no matter what you do or how hard you try, life will continue to throw things at you, and there are days when it feels like the only place your life is headed is for that dead end,” explains Marsh, who says the song was written for those struggling to speak out about how they’re feeling.

“It’s a bleak look at dark times that we hope encourages people to start a conversation. It’s about the pain that comes from living in your own head. ‘Dead End’ felt like the right song to put out in the world right now. It’s a scary, uncertain place. We want to stand up and say that, especially in confusing times like these, it’s okay to be scared and angry and unsure. You’re not alone.”

It’s the second single for the band from Fatalist, having shared the similarly aggressive ‘Choke’ last month. Marsh says the new record is heavier than anything they’ve written before. Contrasting it with 2018 EP Want, which reflected on the breakdown of personal relationships, Marsh says Fatalist is about “the breakdown of the relationship with yourself, arguably the most important relationship in life.”

Watch the video for ‘Dead End’ below (heads up, there are flashing lights from the 2:20 mark). Fatalist is out Friday, 3rd April.

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