PREMIERE: Ginger and The Ghost Illuminate The Darkness With Otherworldly New Single ‘Glow’

Avant-garde duo Ginger And The Ghost say they hail from Sydney, but it’s more likely they’re not from this planet at all. Missy Gilbert and Daniel Bourne are first and foremost visual artists who twist their imaginings into textural, futuristic, otherworldly sonic landscapes under the guise of the Ginger and The Ghost moniker and their latest single ‘Glow’ is further proof the duo are channelling some supernatural energy.

Soaring and anthemic with blissful, crescendoing electronic production and sharp, Bjork-like vocals, ‘Glow’ is a call for artistic boldness and the triumph of truth over darkness. In fact, Ginger and The Ghost’s Missy Gilbert tells Music Feeds the song’s protagonist was inspired in part by the extraordinary Australian-born artist Vali Myers.

“I found the book Night Flower: The Life and Art of Vali Myers on our way to London to record some new music. I had fallen deeply in love with the story of Vali and the otherworldly spirit that her friends likened her to. She became my inspiration energetically. I imagined her as her friends did, as an ancient Dakini, a Sky Dancer, a female guardian of the deeper mysteries. So, I wrote about Dakini, a truth bringer, her bright energy illuminating the darkness and smashing all that is false or a danger to nature.

“‘Glow’ happened really quickly for us, it was the first song we had written in a while, so it was a purge,” she adds. “We wanted ‘Glow’ to feel like a visceral reaction, it needed intensity and sharp sparkly sounds to make it otherworldly. We tapped into mythology, folklore and dreaming, and we connect deeply with those worlds.

“We have been making this body of work for over two years and right now what we have to say is aligning with the global consciousness as a call to action. This is a pivotal time as an artist to be bold, to connect and to voice your passions, concerns and align yourself with what you believe in.”

Ginger And The Ghost will bring ‘Glow’ to the stage alongside their own art installations and costumes for a handful of shows this month, two of which will take place at Tasmania’s Museum of Old and New Art. The pair will end the run with a show in their (supposed) hometown of Sydney in April.

“Ginger And The Ghost performances are a hyper-real, immersive and interactive experience with an Australiana aesthetic,” explains Missy. “We have many top secret collaborations coming together and we are so excited about the people who are involved artistically and musically.”

‘Glow’ is set for release on March 24 – pre-order here – but you can give it a spin here below.

Glow Single Tour

Saturday, 18th March

Mona, Tasmania

Tickets: Free

Saturday, 18th March

The Grand Poobah, Tasmania

Tickets: The Grand Poobah

Sunday, 19th March

Mona, Tasmania

Tickets: Free

Friday, 21st April

The Nest Creative Space, Sydney

Tickets: The Nest Creative Space

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