PREMIERE: Go Hitchhiking With Cult Member-Turned-Indie Popper Jon Bryant In Trippy New ‘Paradise’ Clip

Enigmatic Nova Scotia-based multi-instrumentalist Jon Bryant has unveiled a tripped-out new music video for his latest sonic gem, ‘Paradise’.

The engrossing visuals for the indie-dream-pop lullaby follow the path of a hitchhiker who bums a lift with Bryant, and finds himself stuck in a bizarre world filled with a human kaleidoscope of other Jon Bryants.

Lifted from his forthcoming album Cult Classic, the song sees the singer-songwriter explore the concept of human connection, which he’d been reflecting on following his emancipation from, let’s just call it, an ~undisclosed organisation~.

Speaking about his time in the cult, Bryant admits: “I had my reservations, but I didn’t want to shy away from something that engendered so much excitement.

“I was fascinated because my friend was fascinated. The people were lovely and some of what they were teaching was very useful and tangible,” he continues. “However, as I went deeper, this weird dynamic started happening among my new friends. I was once told that, ‘Falling into a belief system is like dying in your sleep, you don’t notice when it happens’.

“After learning details about some very troubling events within the group, I left. Following my departure, my fascination with cults began to percolate. This curiosity influenced my writing and became a framework for the album’s concept.”

Catch Bryant’s new music video for ‘Paradise’ below, and stay tuned for more news about his forthcoming album Cult Classic.

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