PREMIERE: Listen to Loretta’s New Heartbreak Pop Gem ‘when i saw u’

Sydney trio Loretta make the kind of shimmering, heart on sleeve guitar-pop that draws on the same foundations as The 1975 or LANY. The handful of songs they’ve released thus far feel almost as if they were crafted to soundtrack pivotal moments in a romantic dramedy – running through the streets in the pouring rain, or showing up at the airport at the last minute with a bouquet.

Their new single ‘when i saw u’, which we’re premiering here at Music Feeds before it officially drops this Thursday, 21st October, builds on the big, heart-soaring anthemic qualities introduced across the string of singles the band have released this year like ‘left u on read’.

However, it’s also a little more reflective and restrained, a little more sober and self-aware, as the band’s Ellis Hall grapples with the realisations about a relationship that come when someone is standing right in front of you, his vocals foregrounded by atmospheric, reverb-heavy guitars and understated percussion.

“‘when i saw u’ is a chapter on acceptance and forgetting what made you feel so lost in the past,” explains Hall. “It’s basically about how there’s no substitute for physically being in the same room with somebody – the moment when all of the fights and misinterpreted texts fall away at the sight of the person you love.”

Listen to ‘when i saw u’ below.

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