PREMIERE: On ‘Moving Slowly’, Maz Green Urges You To Give A Shit About The World

Melbourne pop songwriter Maz Green’s music is a sublime combination of slick indie-pop with vocals reminiscent of Sylvan Esso.

On latest single ‘Moving Slowly’, however, those syrupy textures belie lyrics written in response to the musician’s shifting values and new clarity about the importance of impacting the world around her.

“I used to care more about getting a good cup of coffee than caring for how much landfill I’ve contributed to over the years,” explained Green. “Climate change, racism, sexism and equality are just some problems that I wanted to highlight as they are so real.”

Green stresses in the lyrics to ‘Moving Slowly’ that it’s not irrevocable doom and gloom, however – instead highlighting the importance of collective, urgent action.

“I’m not saying the world is fucked and we’re all doomed for eternity, I just wanted to shine a light on some issues that we need to give a shit about.”

The music video for ‘Moving Slowly’ uses footage from Sydney’s climate change protest as well as the Caulfield Cup protest, complementing a song that speaks to the urgency of political and social action in Australia – and indeed, the world.

“I’m grateful to have worked with such a supportive team who were so invested in helping create my vision. The filming was all very raw and real, just your everyday Australians who all face different challenges in their lives,” says Green.

“We had the idea that everyone should hold up a sign that says ‘I Am Me’ which is so powerful and simple. Social class, gender, abilities or race shouldn’t define you as a person, and it sucks that equality is still such a big problem, even in 2019.”

Watch the video for ‘Moving Slowly’ below.


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