Nicholas Hamilton
Image: Mike Falzone

PREMIERE: Listen to the Title Track from Actor Nicholas Hamilton’s Debut EP, ‘Pretty Young’

You may know Australian actor Nicholas Hamilton for his roles in the likes of Captain FantasticIt and sequel It: Chapter Two, but he’s also been crafting guitar-pop earworms for some time.

Today, we’re premiering Hamilton’s nostalgic new song ‘Pretty Young’ ahead of it officially arriving this Friday, 9th July. The wistful single is anchored by lightly-picked acoustic guitar and piano chords, with Hamilton’s voice front and centre above a sea of gentle choral vocal harmonies.

“I remember feeling pretty down when I wrote the first stanza. It was one of those days where you just cry behind a piano and hope a song comes out. There was a moment where I realised how silly it was for me to be writing a song about my childhood, when I definitely wouldn’t consider myself an adult yet,” Hamilton says of the reflective lyrics in ‘Pretty Young’.

“That’s how the second stanza came about, starting with ‘and I’m still pretty young.’ I drew the rest of the lyrics from a tonne of childhood memories I thought I’d forgotten, and recent memories I hope I don’t forget.”

‘Pretty Young’ is the title track from Hamilton’s forthcoming debut EP of the same name, which is set to arrive Friday, 13th August and also feature previous singles like ‘In Line’, ‘Different Year’ and ‘noRoom’.

According to Hamilton, the EP encapsulates the 21-year-old artist’s life up to this point. “It feels incredibly intimate to be putting it out for everyone’s ears to hear. I love that, by the way. Some part of me gets a rush out of everyone knowing who I am, about the intricacies of my life, not the characters I’ve played.”

Listen to ‘Pretty Young’ below.

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