Q&A: Børns Talks The Sugary Musings Of His Music & Upcoming Australian Visit

The beginning of Michigan singer/songwriter Garrett Borns’ artistic endeavours was a mostly visual affair. Having won a National Scholastic Art Award at the tender age of 13, he found further recognition through gaining a college scholarship. Oh, and he also dabbled in the illusive as a paid magician.

But, as the twist and turns of an artistic jack-of-all-trades life would have it, he eventually found solace in music.

And thus, BØRNS was born. Putting most of his 21 years-old compadres to shame by writing and realising his first EP Candy in 2013, the EP has attracted relentless adulation and appreciation of the blatant tiptoeing on the line of pop ditties and euphoric indie rock.

In anticipation for his first appearances on our shores, we sat down for a short but evidently sweet Q&A with BØRNS to talk all things visual, bathtubs and his comparisons to Willy Wonka.

Listen: BØRNS – Electric Love

Music Feeds: Do you have any preconceptions or impressions of Australia that you’re hoping to indulge in whilst you’re here?

Børns: I hear Australians are lovely.

How does visual arts and music differ for you in terms how it fulfils you?

Both are a visual experience for me. Music is just easier to clean up.

Can you tell us a bit more about the ideas behind The Lucid Candy experience?

Basically letting people into the sugary musings of my slumbering mind. It’s a sweet place.

I read that you were a paid magician, what attracted you to magic and do you still practice it? If not, what made you stop?

I had a regular gig at a restaurant doing card tricks and balloon animals when I was 10. I still love magic.

To what/who can you attribute your sound to?

My folks and their eclectic record collection.

You’ve been described, as “Jeff Buckley-esque”, “sounds like he’s stepped out of Velvet Goldmine and high-fived Lana Del Rey,” – are there any descriptions of your music and/or image that stand out for you?

I’m very scatterbrained with my influences so I don’t mind random comparisons. Someone once told me my music sounds like the inner workings of Willy Wonka’s mind.

Tell us about the process for recording Dopamine?

The process was a quick one because I was on the road so much. Most of those songs were first instincts in the studio.

Listen: BØRNS – The Emotion

How did it differ from the recording process for your EP Candy?

I recorded my EP without a label or any deadlines.  So it was a bit more relaxed.

Your lyrics are full of romantic imagery, what is it about that lyrical content that draws you in and inspires you?

It’s all very conversational really. I’m a sucker for a love letter.

Where to you take inspiration for your fashion choices?

It’s whatever I find at vintage shops, or borrow from the girls in my band. They have good style.

There is a great video on your Instagram of you strumming your acoustic guitar whilst chilling in a bath. Is that a common occurrence and is it likely that you will make a grand stage entrance in a bath tub for your Australian shows? 

Yes, I prefer to bathe in sound waves. Bathtub-spaceship with pyrotechnics in the works.

On the same note, would you ever consider incorporating any other props into your live shows at all?

Perhaps exotic birds.

Børns is in the country for Falls Festival at the end of the year, grab the details here.

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